The Tibetan Dzi Series

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Dzi is one of Tibet's most powerful amulets. It channels positive energy, attracts good serendipity, and stones found deep in the Himalayas can bring luck and fortune. 

Since ancient times, these stones have been used as powerful talismans for protection against evil spirits and negative forces. As a result, they help you to feel calm and relaxed throughout the day. They also help you to attract good luck and fortune. 

The Tibetan Dzi series has been designed to maximize its healing properties. These beautiful jewelry pieces will become an essential part of your everyday wardrobe. Dzis are thought to help us discover our potential and bring out our best selves when worn as jewelry or placed in your home or office. They're also said to strengthen our connection with higher beings and help us access information from beyond this dimension.


Tibet is a place where one goes for prayers, inspiration, self-realization, and spiritual awakening. When people go home from a visit to this mysterious yet beautiful place, they always want a piece to carry with them. One of Tibet's most popular and potent charms is the Dzi bead. These beads have permanently been engraved in their culture for many centuries now.

They were initially crafted in Tibet by monks who would carve them from wood or stone and then paint them with sacred colors. The original purpose of the Dzi beads was to help those who wore them achieve enlightenment and understand their true purpose in life. Over time, they are more commonly seen as a way to bring luck and prosperity to their owners.

Aside from its healing properties, we wanted to structure these Dzi beads to harness career luck and wealth by using the different “eyes.” These eyes can be found in the beads and have different purposes. 

The 3-eye Dzi beads are excellent for harnessing wealth. The 9-eye Dzi beads can help you gain recognition and influence, especially at work. It is great for advancing into your career. Lastly, the Heaven and Earth eye is for both wealth and career.

To further structure these beads, we incorporated the five elements so that each piece is designed specifically for a person’s day master. You can view our whole Tibetan Dzi Collection to see more.

Featured Dzi Products

It's easy to feel like you're always looking for something to give a bit of edge to your outfit. But what if you could find a stylish and meaningful piece? Our Tibetan Dzi bracelets do just that. Featuring a few pieces from our collection that will surely boost you to reach your goals.

The Zephyr

Element: Wood Element

Stones Used: Green Phantom, Amazonite, Malachite, Map Stone, and Black Weathered Stone

Eye: Tibetan 9-eye Dzi

Benefits: The Zephyr Bracelet is a statement piece that will add an elegant, glamorous touch to any outfit. It can be used to attract good fortune and protect against evil eye and jealousy. It also releases negativity and increases the benefactor luck. With the Zephyr Bracelet on your wrist, you will radiate calmness of mind and peace of heart wherever you go.

The Lush Aura

Element: Water Element

Stones Used: Royal Blue Tiger’s Eye, Mapstone, and Natural Agate Beads

Eye: Tibetan 9-eye Dzi

Benefits: The Lush Aura Bracelet is the perfect accessory for your everyday life. It is both a source of protection and a source of empowerment, and it will push you to reach new heights while remaining grounded and focused. It also promotes perseverance in all aspects of life and confidence. It also increases the mind's calmness and promotes the body's calmness in stressful situations.

The Aloha

Element: Earth Element

Stones Used: Black Weathered stone, Jasper Beads, Fusion Tiger’s Eye, and  Smokey Quartz 

Eye: Tibetan 9-eye Dzi

Benefits: The Aloha Bracelet is a beautiful, positive piece of jewelry you can wear daily. It transmutes negative energy into positivity, improving one's luck and attracting good fortune. It also protects the wearer from harm by absorbing negative energy before it reaches them. When you're wearing your Aloha Bracelet, you'll notice that people are likelier to smile at you in passing and say hello when they see you coming down the street, even if they don't know you.

The Mosaic

Element: Metal Element

Stones Used: Eagle Eye, Moonstone, and Citrine

Eye: Tibetan 9-eye Dzi

Benefits: The Mosaic Bracelet helps you feel courageous because each one is made to support your purpose. It also promotes vitality because it's made from natural materials and contains healing crystals that help you feel energized. Finally, The Mosaic Bracelet increases benefactor luck by deflecting negativity from others, so you don't have to worry about it affecting you anymore.


The Phoenix

Element: Fire Element

Stones Used: Red Cloisonne, Tibetan Brown Agate Spacer, and Copper Bronzite

Eye: Tibetan Heaven and Earth Dzi

Benefits: The Phoenix Bracelet is a powerful piece of jewelry that can help you enhance your career luck, and protect and calm your mind. It is thought to bring about good fortune in all areas of your life. It's perfect for those who want to attract more money into their lives and make it easier for them to achieve their goals. It also helps you harness wealth by bringing more opportunities into your life.

Final Thoughts

The Tibetan Dzi Bracelet Series has been a labor of love for us. We've worked tirelessly to bring you this beautiful, high-quality collection of bracelets, and we hope that you'll enjoy them as much as we do. We invite you to contact us on Whatsapp if you have any questions or would like to purchase one of these beautiful pieces. We'd also love for you to follow us on Instagram and Tiktok, so that we can keep you updated on new items and special sales.