Home Fengshui Insights: How Good Home Fengshui could Improve your Health.

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Bring The Wealth of Health Home



I believe it should go without saying for most of us that Fengshui and health are very closely related. For those who may not be too familiar with Fengshui or is just curious as to why, let me explain. In traditional Fengshui, every object, space and living thing has Chi. The better the quality of Chi flowing through something or someone, the healthier and more vibrant the object/person will be.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, its on to our next question; How can good Fengshui link to better health? And how can we use Fengshui to improve our health? Well, the very first place to start will be in your home. We’ve already looked at the importance of Home Fengshui before so I shan’t bore you too much by repeating on why. But, let me raise you an example as to the importance of Home Fengshui. With the situation of the pandemic now, we’re moving back to a second mini lockdown, and work from home is back in pretty much full force again. Having good home fengshui, will lead to you having better health. Having better health will in turn lead to you to have better productivity and as a result, better wealth luck as well. As we mentioned before, vitality and wealth luck are linked. So, the saying ‘Health is wealth’ rings very true here.


The Repercussions of Bad Fengshui


Now, when we talk about health, we’re referring to not just physical health, but mental health as well. It’s all fine and dandy having a home or workspace that is sanitary and safe to physically be in, but if it’s constantly stressing you out, it’s not exactly healthy either. So, it goes without saying that there has to be a balance in both physical and mental health. Having seen the positives that good fengshui can have on your health, we must not forget about the potential repercussions that bad fengshui can bring such as. 

  • Additional mental stress
  • Emotional imbalance/distress
  • Irritable and discordant mental states
  • Potentially weak/compromised immune systems
  • Restlessness and fatigue
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Cardiovascular issues, such as lung/heart problems


Those are just a few examples of how bad fengshui could potentially affect your health. Safe to say, these are probably the last things you’d want to have to go through with regularly where you’re working at, let alone living in. To be able to avoid these, and to maximize the potential benefits that good home fengshui can bring you, it will be best to have a comprehensive home fengshui assessment. A full Home Fengshui Assessment will allow you to have the best solutions and recommendations, according to your individual Bazi chart.


The 4 Basic Steps

For those curious about the process of how we can make things better for you, we will always tackle the following 4 factors;


  1. Ensuring that the bedroom/master bedroom is in the good sector of the home. It is after all, the room that you’ll be spending the most time at home in, and the place where you will be sleeping, resting and recovering in. Having the master bedroom in a good sector of the house will mean that you will be able to work and sleep in a sector that is favourable for you. Allowing you to reap the benefits of good fengshui, such as better rest, resulting in better vitality and hence, better productivity and wealth luck as well.

  1. Protecting yourself against the yearly Flying Stars. A word of advice about the Flying stars that I always give to my clients is: Forms activate the stars. Forms are more important than the stars themselves, and if you are living in a property that is affected by negative forms, then yes there is a possibility that the flying stars may be activated. The Flying stars that you will want to take note of are:


  • Flying star #7 (Northwest); Also known as the Annual star of theft, the #7 Flying star will generally affect everyone in 2021, regardless of one’s Zodiac sign. Manifesting itself in the northwest sector of living/work spaces. While this star may not have any direct impact on one’s health, it is still best to take note of and avoid it. The influence of this star’s energy will manifest itself in losses of property through thefts, accidents or money loss etc.


  • Flying star #5 (Southeast); Also known as the Disaster star, the #5 Flying star will attract bad luck in all domains of life. Whether in love, career, finances, and health. Manifesting itself in the southeast sector of living/work spaces. The influence of this star’s energy will manifest in the form of severe sickness, lethargy, lack of appetite, unjustified spending on health issues such as buying ineffective and expensive medicine, as well as on inappropriate therapists/specialists as well.


  • Flying star #2 (North); Also known as the Sickness star, the #2 flying star cause you to be vulnerable to illnesses, lethargy, emotional issues, loneliness, depression, distress and problems with socializing. Manifesting itself in the north sector of living/work spaces. The influence of this star’s energy will manifest in the form of health issues such as digestive problems, predisposition to gaining weight due to stress and muscular spasms and pains could potentially occur as well.

If you find yourself affected by these Flying stars, we will strongly advice you to counter the effects with accessories of items of the Metal element. Our bracelets from the Metal element will be able to empower you to counter the effects of these Flying stars. However, prevention is still better than cure, and it will be best if you are left unaffected by these stars.


  1. Avoid sharp corners, edges and Poison arrows. This is a general rule of thumb in basic home fengshui, so you should really take note of this. Never, under any circumstances sleep with the sharp edge of a corner pointed towards you. The sharp edge is a deadly form of poison arrow that brings the ‘killing breath’. If you find a sharp edge/corner pointing towards you, you can disguise the edge using furniture.


  1. Do not disturb the bad/unfavourable sectors. Having bad sectors in a house is unavoidable, and the best thing you can do is to avoid these sectors completely. Do not disturb and inadvertently activate these sectors by drilling or renovating by them. Examples of bad sectors will be;
  • Tai Sui
  • 3 Killings
  • Number 2, 5, 7 Flying stars


Health Is Indeed Wealth


Well, we’ve pretty much come to the end of our article already, and we hope that you’ve managed to gain some more insight and a better understanding of the potential effects that fengshui (both good and bad) can have to your health. If you’ve gotten this far and are curious to know how you can potentially improve your luck and health, a simple thing would be to carry around a wood element bracelet with you every day. Our bracelets from the Wood element will bring about health and prosperity to all who wear them.


If you are looking to bring about improvements to your life, Home Fengshui will be a great start, and if you wish to take that step, you are always welcome to get our full Home Fengshui Assessment here, or feel free to WhatsApp us @ 8415 3359 if you have any more queries or concerns.