Home Feng Shui insights: Why Is the Front Door So Important

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Home Feng Shui insights: Why Is the Front Door So Important?

If you haven’t already figured, doors, particularly the front doors of houses are heavily emphasized on in Home Feng Shui. For those of you who may be wondering why, here’s a simple explanation. The main door of your home is the main intake of Chi flow, and hence, having the main door in a favourable facing/direction is one of the most important factors in promoting good home Feng Shui. If you are looking to buy a new place, I cannot stress the importance of determining the facing of the main door of your new place before making a purchase or any commitments. The last thing you want happening is to find out that the facing is unfavourable only after you’ve bought your new home. As quoted in the 5th Heaven Symphony (天元五歌) written by the Great Grandmaster of Feng Shui (蔣大鴻): The main door is the backbone for the entire home’s Feng Shui. 

As the main door is the main source of energy (Chi) whether or not it attracts positive or negative energy is contingent on its facing and direction. Another thing that is often neglected regarding the main door will be the colour or material of the actual door. As we know in Feng Shui, there are 8 different directions/facings and each of the 8 represents one of the 5 elements. So, if you have a door facing the Northwest direction for example, its self-element will be Metal, and hence you will want to back it up with materials or colours of its own element or favourable element (either earth or metal).

You may refer to the chart below for the directions and their respective elements.

Having a door that clashes is a bad sign for one’s home Feng Shui, as it could potentially lead to bad familial relations, restlessness, fatigue, poor wealth/career luck and even bad decision-making. These are the potential ramifications of having bad home Feng Shui, and it all starts from the main door.

But, all of these can be avoided by having a main door that is harmonious with your home’s Feng Shui. By being able to determine the facing of your door, you will be able to back it up with the favourable elements to create a more harmonious environment in your home. However, it will always be best to have a main door that is facing your favourable direction if possible. Knowing your favourable direction will allow you to determine if the direction of the house’s main door is suitable for you and your home, but of course, this is applicable only if you wish to move in to a new place and you haven’t made any commitments to a particular house yet. If you wish to determine the facing/direction of your main door, a simple rule of thumb will be; whichever direction the compass is pointing at when you’re standing facing outwards at your main door, is the facing of the main door.

Once you’ve got the direction figured out, all you need to do is to determine the element that the facing represents (you may refer to the chart above). Having determined the element, you will be able find the right door for your home, be it in colour or material. For example, if your door is North facing (Water Element), then your door should be black, blue or whatever colour that is represented by the Water or Metal element. You could even have the door made out of Metal too if its favourable. Or, if you need more Metal for the year, you can always use 6 Emperor coins to adorn your main door.

Though, an important factor to consider that can potentially affect the quality of your main door’s Feng Shui are the Flying stars of the period. If you wish to know how the flying stars can affect your main door, and whether or not the number of the Flying stars for the period are good/favourable to your main door. Do feel free to WhatsApp @ 8415 3359 us to find out, or consult us for a full Home Feng Shui Assessment for a peace of mind for your dream home.

A general rule of thumb that you can use to ensure good Feng Shui for your main door, before you buy a house of course, is to NOT buy a house where the main door is right in front of a lift or a flight of stairs, or at the end of a corridor or hallway. Though, if that is the case with your home, fret not, as we can remedy this by fitting a platform at the front of your house, or by fixing and rearranging the furniture to more favourable locations. Now, for the things that your main door should not be in front of inside your house, are the windows and the balcony. And if it is, then the same remedy applies, with the moving of furniture to a more favourable location or by installing a platform.  

Of course, there are many other ways that you can use to improve the Feng Shui of your main door. The first of which will be to ensure that you have a bright hall where the main door leads to. What this essentially means, is that the empty space outside and inside your home from the main door needs to be bright and spacious to allow for good Chi to flow into and accumulate. For good Chi to flow, however, there must not be any Sha leading towards your main door. Examples of Sha will be corners, or edges with sharp angles pointing towards your main door. Keeping in theme with things that should not be in front of or facing your main door, never have a mirror, whether its in your home or outside, that is facing the main door. For the things that you can have by your main door, plants would make a great choice as they can slow down and grow Chi. Allowing Chi to flow gradually into your home, carries the same logic as capturing water from a stream with cupped hands. Its always easier to capture water from a slow flowing stream rather than a fast one, hence the need to slow down the flow of Chi into your home.

Another little nugget of info, will be to always have your shoe cabinet closed, if it is outside your main door, unless you’re using it of course.

If you’ve gotten this far and are interested to know more about your home’s Feng Shui, feel free to WhatsApp us @ 8415 3359 for our in-house personalized home Feng Shui advice. If after you’ve read this and you realize that you home, or main door are unfavourable, you can consider wearing bracelets in your favourable elements to improve your wealth luck, and dampen the potential negative effects too.