Faceted Black Tourmaline Healing Properties

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What is Faceted Black Tourmaline?

Faceted Black Tourmaline is a beautiful stone that can help you improve your life. How? Let us talk about Faceted Black Tourmaline healing properties and what it can do for you. 

The name "faceted" refers to the way it's cut—like a diamond or other precious stone, it has many sides that reflect light in different ways when you look at it from different angles. This makes faceted black tourmaline extremely valuable for use in jewelry because it looks amazing when you wear it. 

It's typically found in Brazil, Russia, and Madagascar, and it has been used in jewelry since ancient times. Some cultures believed that wearing faceted black tourmaline could protect them from evil spirits and disease. 

Others thought that they would bring good luck if they wore them while gambling or hunting. Today it's found all over the world—in many different shapes and forms—and is used by artists around the globe to create beautiful pieces of art and jewelry.

Faceted Black Tourmaline Healing Properties

Faceted black tourmaline is a healing stone with many different properties. It's a great stone for clearing negativity and attracting positive energy. It can also help you let go of old hurts and move forward. Faceted black tourmaline can help you transform your life if you're feeling stuck in a rut or want to make a change. It's also good for relieving stress, anxiety, and nightmares. 

One of the faceted black tourmaline healing properties also includes helping you enhance your intuition, making it easier to access your inner wisdom and make decisions that feel right for you. You'll also find it helpful in releasing the fear of failure or rejection, so you can take risks without worrying about what could go wrong. 

It's also said that faceted black tourmaline will help protect you from negative energy while letting positive energy flow through you more easily. It also absorbs negative energies from your environment such as electromagnetic smog, radiation, and other harmful electromagnetic fields. 

In addition to being an excellent grounding stone, black tourmaline also has a strong connection with the earth element which gives us access to its healing powers when we need them most. This crystal can help us get in touch with our bodies own natural ability to heal itself.


Now that we've explored the benefits of this gemstone, let's take a look at some products we carry infused with faceted black tourmaline therapeutic energies.

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