Embracing Modern Feng Shui Jewelry: A Hao FM Exclusive Interview

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In a world where jewelry transcends gender and traditions blend seamlessly with modernity, Hoseiki's Modern Feng Shui jewelry stands as a testament to this evolving landscape. 

In an exclusive interview with Hao FM, Chase and Daryl, the creative minds behind Hoseiki, share valuable insights into the changing dynamics of the jewelry industry and their unique approach to creating jewelry that resonates with both the young and the old.

Connecting with Roots while Opening up to Change through Modern Feng Shui Jewelry

The conversation kicks off with a discussion about the evolution of jewelry and how it no longer adheres to rigid gender boundaries. According to Chase, traditional notions of jewelry being exclusively for women are giving way to a more inclusive approach, especially with the rise of Modern Feng Shui jewelry. 

The jewelry design has shifted to accommodate the changing tastes of a younger generation that seeks jewelry that is not just decorative but also meaningful and reflective of their values.

Chase and Daryl delve into the younger generation's growing interest in their ancestral roots, and Modern Feng Shui jewelry plays a significant role in this connection. 

The desire to trace one's origins and understand their cultural heritage has become a driving force. This newfound curiosity extends beyond jewelry, as people seek to connect with their past on a deeper level through the symbolism of Modern Feng Shui jewelry. 

Moreover, Hoseiki recognizes this trend and aims to infuse traditional elements into their designs, making each piece a link to one's cultural heritage.

That said, Hoseiki's founders understand the importance of transforming traditional jewelry to make it appealing to the younger generation while incorporating Modern Feng Shui principles. 

They share insights into their minimalist designs, which resonate with young professionals looking for elegant pieces suitable for the workplace. The jewelry's clean lines and modern aesthetics make it versatile, allowing it to fit into contemporary wardrobes seamlessly.

The Appeal of Gemstones and the Unique Hoseiki Approach

The hosts inquire why younger generations are drawn to gemstone jewelry in the context of Modern Feng Shui principles. Chase attributes this attraction to the desire for items that hold significant value, both in terms of aesthetics and craftsmanship. 

Young people today prefer authentic, high-quality jewelry over cheaper alternatives, and Hoseiki's selection of gemstone pieces aligned with Feng Shui principles perfectly caters to this preference. 

Furthermore, when asked why young customers choose Hoseiki and their Modern Feng Shui jewelry, Chase and Daryl emphasize their brand strikes a balance between modern aesthetics and traditional elements, making it suitable for everyday wear, even in professional settings. The ability to effortlessly blend Modern Feng Shui principles with traditional and contemporary styles sets Hoseiki apart in the crowded jewelry market.

The Value of Traditional Chinese Jewelry in a Modern Feng Shui Context


The interview explores the value of traditional Chinese jewelry, with Chase emphasizing that these pieces carry hope and significance. Chase emphasizes that these pieces carry hope and significance, aligning perfectly with the principles of Modern Feng Shui. 

Hoseiki's mission is to infuse modern designs with traditional elements like the Abacus and Pixiu, to preserve and promote Chinese culture. They also revealed the plans to expand its collection, including home decorations infused with Feng Shui principles. 

Moreover, they want to maintain a strong focus on jewelry while exploring opportunities to incorporate traditional Chinese design into various forms. This expansion not only reflects Hoseiki's commitment to preserving culture but also its adaptability to changing consumer preferences.

Entering the Jewelry Business and Catering to All Ages

When asked about their decision to enter the jewelry business, Chase reveals that Daryl's passion for jewelry and design played a significant role. With their combined expertise, including Chase's family background in watches, they embarked on a journey to create modern, elegant jewelry that would resonate with a diverse audience. 

Hoseiki is proud to attract customers from various age groups, including the young and the elderly. Traditional jewelry's appeal is not limited to any particular age, and Hoseiki's modern twist on these designs caters to a broad audience. This inclusivity reflects the brand's vision of bridging generations through jewelry. 

Daryl, a trendsetter himself, emphasizes the importance of combining elements of tradition and modernity to create jewelry that resonates with the younger generation. 

Overall, the goal is to offer designs that are unisex and capture the essence of both male and female perspectives, making Hoseiki a brand that transcends gender boundaries.

The Meaning Behind "Hoseiki"

The interview wraps up by revealing the origin of the name "Hoseiki." Daryl explains that the name, which means "gemstone" in Japanese, was chosen to evoke a sense of quality and value, aligning with their vision for the brand. 

It reflects their commitment to providing customers with not just jewelry but cherished gemstones that hold both aesthetic and sentimental value.


In a world where jewelry is a symbol of identity and heritage, Hoseiki's approach to design and tradition, infused with Modern Feng Shui principles, opens doors to a new generation eager to embrace their roots while celebrating modernity. 

As the jewelry landscape continues to evolve, Hoseiki stands at the forefront, bridging the gap between timeless elegance and contemporary allure. 

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