Dismissing the 3 Common Myths on Identifying the Nobleman Bazi

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After releasing the blog on Benefactor Luck, we have received several requests to identify them. As much as we would like to impart the knowledge freely, it cannot be done without the correct fundamentals (the last time I checked, our brain doesn’t work like Cloud, where files can be easily transferred). 

However, I can help dispel some myths so that we will not be misguided by inaccurate knowledge that ravishes the Internet about how we can recognise our Benefactor. 

Myth 1 (My benefactor is the Zodiac of …)

I hope it is so easy to recognize a nobleman. Popularized by Fengshui shows on TV during Chinese New Year, this method of identifying the nobleman involves first breaking into a part of the conversation where you ask the other person what their zodiac is. Then if it “matches” your zodiac via a combination (3-step combination San He) or (6-step combination Liu He), they are probably your Nobleman. 

If we can simply use the zodiac for this, we Fengshui Masters will probably be out of a job. Jokes aside, this method is completely hogwash. 

CEOs have hired us for important hiring projects for key members in their organization, and even they have fallen trapped to these methods of identifying the right candidates who might be “suitable” or “favorable” for them. Real Estate Moguls, even our Billionaire clients who hired us for estate planning services on passing their business over to their children. I can assure you that if it was so easy we would be out of a job. 

Zodiacs are, after all, just the year that people are born in. They represent only 12.5% of the chart or less. Using just a tiny piece of information to guess the entire picture might not be in the best interest if you run a large organization like some of our clients. 

Comparing people also does not work because the Bazi system is meant just for yourself, and for every person to be analyzed carefully, we will need to read the person’s chart in detail in order for us to determine if they can be our Benefactor. 

Myth 2 (My benefactor in the same element as me)

Yes, the Daymaster tribe, this person is the same element as me, and therefore he is good for me. As per the above, it is not so easy for us to find out our Nobleman or Benefactors just by using the element of a person. 

Even if the person’s element suits you or is the same as you, we will still need to study the person's quality, personality, and educational background. The interactions within the chart are much more important than just the Daymaster of a person. For example, a Wood Element person should be patient but can end up being an impatient person. A metal person who is supposed to be principled can also end up being extremely crafty and without morals. Therefore, we should never use this method to judge a person if they are our Nobleman or Benefactor. 

Myth 3 (Using the Shen Sha Method)

This is a trap. It is probably the only thing in the Bazi Chart you understand (Or you think you know), so you attempted to read it. Big mistake. Trying to read the Bazi chart can be very challenging for the untrained, but as much as we think we can understand the Shen Sha icons, they hold a much deeper meaning. 

The Shen Sha section in the Bazi chart has detailed information on what i call our auxiliary star. However, the interpretation of these stars can be extremely complex. Think of it like owning a Ferrari. You can own a supercar but if your driving sucks, when you meet a sharp bend, your Ferrari will still go at just 40 km/h because you have no idea how to drive it like a pro. 

You having the stars does not mean that you will be blessed by it, you will need to learn how to milk it and this takes some Fengshui analysis, skill, and hard work. 

If you wish to identify them, we could arrange for a session for a detailed reading to work things out. There are 3 situations where people will always read for Benefactor luck in Bazi. 

  • For self-improvement (Understanding where your good stars are giving you better focus so that you can improve yourself in the right direction. Less effort, more results.) 
  • Before marriage (Is your spouse your benefactor? Don’t you just want this question answered?) 
  • Before a business partnership (Same as the above, you don’t want to get into business with a snake, not literally and not their zodiac, but well you should know what I am getting at.)

No one truly has a budget for insurance until something happens. Will you tell yourself you have $200 that’s set aside for a GP in case you get a flu? But if you do fall sick, then you will spend that money anyway. What if you chose to make your regular purchase of vitamins at the drugstore, take them regularly, and avoid the pain altogether? 

Fengshui is like that. It doesn’t take much money to just do an analysis but often, when you look for us only when something bad happens then there will be less things that we can do for you. So help us to help you, do a personal analysis today with Hoseiki.