10 Daymasters

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Your Bazi Chart

When you are on a journey of self-love and discovery, it is common to have several questions about your patterns, the things you’re good at, and the triggers that make you feel bad. Bazi Reading is an excellent way to uncover the answers to these questions. However, a Bazi chart can be very complex. One of the keys to understanding it is knowing your Day Master. This serves as the backbone of your personality and how it stems from your different characteristics as a whole. There are 10 Daymasters all in all.

The Bazi chart is divided into four pillars, often called the Pillars of Destiny. Each pillar represents a particular mark in the calendar, like the year, month, day, and hour. To read a Bazi chart properly, we must first identify the Day Master—the element at the top of the day pillar. As mentioned, one of these 10 Daymasters represents your key personality and character traits, attributes, eccentricities, strengths, and weaknesses. Your Day Master constitutes your fundamental self and identity.

If you're very interested in Feng Shui and Bazi, the Day Master will tell you a person's character when we’re looking at their chart. It also tells us what element of their chart affects other aspects, such as whether they are controlling others or being controlled by those they surround themselves with.

10 Daymasters

The 10 Daymasters each have a corresponding element and Yin-Yang pair, with five elements in total. The following is a summary of the 10 Daymasters and their personalities:

Yin Earth (Ji)

We can think of soil as the element representing Yin Earth. Soil provides the foundation and is essential for growth. It is fertile and omnipresent, which makes it capable of accomplishing great things. It represents adaptability and generosity. People with Yin Earth or Ji are creative individuals who have many talents and a positive outlook. They can turn any unfortunate situation into something good. These people work best under pressure and can handle last-minute changes in plans. However, they sometimes need to be reminded of their value and may require a push from others to achieve their full potential. 

Being selfless and caring for others is a common characteristic of people born with this Day Master. They have a solid parental instinct and a sense of care and concern for others. Furthermore, they may feel compelled to go the extra mile to make those around them happy, even if it means sacrificing one’s self.

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Yang Earth (Wu)

A mountain symbolizes the Yang Earth Day Master. This element represents stability, reliability, and steadiness. They are generally loyal and stubborn. They are realistic but also emotional and prone to procrastinating. Wu Earth Day Masters will take the time to make sure that everything is solid before they put their time, effort, or emotions into something. 

Like a rock, their commitment won't change quickly. It takes time for them to change their mind about things. They may miss opportunities because of this, but that's why they're such trustworthy people. In addition, once they make up their mind about something, they will be challenging to convince. However, this trait enables them to inspire faith and self-respect in others.

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Yin Wood (Yi)

If you use small plants to represent the Day Master of the Yin Wood Element, these plants must maneuver around obstacles to acquire enough sunlight. The ability to adapt and be resilient makes a Yin Wood person easy-going and versatile. They can function in several different contexts.

The Yin Wood Daymaster is connected to patient, thoughtful, and agreeable people. They are charming, brilliant, and good at persuading others. These individuals work well in groups and know when to compromise for the greater good. Moreover, they are also often immaculate and tidy in their appearance and have a certain grace to how they move. However, these people can sometimes be overly dramatic and crave attention from others.

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Yang Wood (Jia)

A large tree depicts the Yang Wood. People with this Day Master are robust, stable, and independent. They often set goals for themselves and try very hard to achieve them. 

In addition, they have powerful personalities. They are direct and to the point, and sometimes their no-nonsense approach can be insensitive or offensive, but they're only trying to tell it like it is. In fact, like trees, they often provide shade to others. They will usually offer help to others without hesitation and do not discriminate against anyone who requires assistance.

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Yin Fire (Ding)

Yin Fire people can be compared to a candle; even if it's small, it still gives out light. People with the Yin Fire Day Masters can often inspire others with their words. They make excellent motivational speakers or inspirational people. They think profoundly and carefully plan every detail of their lives. 

A Ding person’s life is like a slow-burning fire: it burns steadily until nothing is left but ashes. They can also be unpredictable and occasionally volatile with their emotions, making them hard to engage easily.

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Yang Fire (Bing)

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west every day. The Yang Fire person is like this too. They will try their best to get back up after a defeat. The Yang Fire person never gives up quickly, which is why they will be successful in life. Additionally, they are responsible for kindness, reliability, and support. They like to stick to a routine and don't like surprises or changes in plans at the last minute. However, they can also be optimistic, expressive, and open to new experiences when feeling adventurous. 

Bing people are big-hearted and enthusiastic. They like to get involved in everything, which sometimes leads to impatience and wastefulness. Because they shine so bright in their own lives, sometimes their energy can cause unhealthy or harmful reactions in others when they get too close. At their best, Bing people are entertaining and insightful; at their worst, they are vain and self-absorbed.

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Yin Metal (Xin)

People whose Day Master is Yin Metal are best described by refined metal or jewelry such as rings and necklaces. They are very approachable and helpful to others, but at the same time, they have very fine feelings. They attract attention wherever they go, whether in looks or intellect. They love compliments and words of affirmation, and once flattered, this person will feel closer to you and will be more receptive to future suggestions or ideas. 

Furthermore, Xin people are often elegant and well-groomed. They also tend to be self-assured, resourceful, and intelligent. Yet their personalities can be controlling and manipulative if they lack balance or mindful awareness.

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Yang Metal (Geng)

We can use raw metal or an ax to symbolize the strength and toughness of the Yang Metal. Out of all the 10 Day Masters, Geng people are the toughest. However strong as they may be, they are often affectionate to those they care about most. They can make decisions quickly and efficiently. 

Additionally, they are also independent, determined, outspoken, and do not like to waste time thinking about things. People with the Yang Metal Daymaster are great at achieving their goals because they are hardworking and organized. They possess leadership abilities, but they can also be overbearing and smug.

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Yin Water (Gui)

Yin Water can be signified by mist or dew drops. Thus, Gui people tend to be calm and peaceful. They are flexible in their thinking and can find many solutions to a problem. Their creative energy is often expressed in work and hobbies. 

Moreover, you can approach a Gui person if you need help planning or creating something innovative. They are driven by their dreams and aspirations and can be inspiring leaders. These people also have many ideas and creativity. However, they may lack focus and consistency and be slightly too invested in their emotions.

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Yang Water (Ren)

As water flows freely in rivers, seas, and waterfalls, the Ren personality is optimistic, not worried about the past, and filled with courage to move forward.  Ren people are not content to sit on the sidelines. They crave interaction with others and seek the energy, excitement, and thrill of new experiences.

People with Yang Water Daymasters are active, dynamic, and passionate. They are focused on achieving big goals, and they love to participate in events that allow them to show off their skills. However, these people can be easily distracted by peers or those around them. They might also struggle with understanding what they want in life or how to do it.

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Overall, the Bazi Chart is an excellent way to know your Day Master. You can plot your Bazi Chart using your date and time of birth and construct a personality evaluation. The Day Master analysis method is a very simplistic way of analyzing the Bazi Chart, and it does not represent how a Bazi system should be read. You may need to study other elements' intricacies and interactions with the Day Master. To know more, sign up here for an in-depth Bazi Analysis.