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Understanding the child's personality: Provide information about a child's inherent characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. This can help parents and caregivers better understand and support their child's development.


Identifying potential talents and challenges: Gain insights into your child's potential talents and areas where they might face challenges. Can guide parents in nurturing their child's interests and addressing any potential difficulties.


Making informed educational choices: May offer suggestions on the most suitable educational paths or career choices for a child. This can help parents make informed decisions regarding their child's education and future.


Parenting guidance: Bazi readings can provide parents with advice on how to best communicate with and guide their child based on their unique characteristics. It can help in tailoring parenting approaches to suit the child's needs.


Relationship dynamics: Bazi readings can also provide insights into the compatibility between family members, including parents and children. This can be useful for fostering harmonious relationships within the family.

Child Bazi Reading, is an analyzes a child's birth date and time to reveal a personalized and character. This profile offers insights into the child's personality, strengths, weaknesses, and potential life paths. Parents seek Child Bazi Readings to better understand their child's nature, tailor parenting approaches, and gain insights into suitable educational and career paths. However, it's essential to use it as a complementary tool alongside other aspects of child development, such as healthcare and emotional support, for a holistic approach to nurturing a child's well-being.

Suitable for ALL individuals

Detailed Bazi Reading

  • 30 minutes to 1 hour of Bazi reading from our senior consultant via Zoom.
  • Summary will be given after the consultation.

FREE Basic Numerology Reading 

  • Calculated from the person's full birthdate, the Life Path Number represents their life's purpose and the path they are destined to follow.

Basic Face Reading (If applicable)

  • Understand ways to enhance your child appearance and looks for increased confidence and luck.

FREE academic sector activation (Floor plan Analysis) 

  • Identify potential academic sector for het the access to quality education for your child. Ensures that your child have the best and quality education and learning. 

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Your Path to Success

  • For those who wish to have a Bazi Reading for your child an in-person consultation, our senior consultant will read your child Bazi. Schedule a face-to-face meeting at a time that suits you.
  • Hoseiki aims to deliver timely, quality Bazi readings. Late cancellations or arrivals (over 15 minutes late) inconvenience others and may result in forfeiting the appointment without a refund, disrupting schedules for subsequent clients.
  • Please notify us at +65 8415 3359 at least three (3) business days in advance if you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment. Your timely communication helps us accommodate other clients and ensures efficient scheduling.
  • Once confirmed, we prioritize securing the earliest slot for your Bazi reading. Although our schedule fills quickly, we make every effort to accommodate you. Once scheduled, sessions are non-refundable upon cancellation, so please ensure your availability before finalizing your booking.
  • If unwell during a face-to-face meeting, please inform us in advance. We'll gladly make alternative arrangements for your well-being. For virtual Zoom meetings, there are no restrictions.



Our detailed Child Bazi reading is ideal for parents can benefit from Child Bazi readings to better understand their child's nature and adapt their parenting approaches accordingly.


Suited for parents who want to know more about their child, the reading provides strategic insights and guidance for making informed decisions.


Tailored for those facing challenges and aspiring for communicate with their child, the offering provide parents with advice on how to best communicate with and guide their child. 

Uniquely Crafted for You


In the tapestry of existence, each individual is intricately woven with the threads of the five elements, as reflected in their unique birth chart. It is our belief in the profound significance of Feng Shui principles that guides us to offer personalized solutions. By discerning the composition of these elements in your birth chart, we dedicate ourselves to crafting bespoke recommendations that address any imbalances in your elemental harmony. Our commitment is to align your surroundings and experiences with the natural flow of energy, ensuring that your personalized adjustments resonate with the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui. Embrace the transformative power of harmonizing your space with the elemental forces that define your individual journey.


Hazel Chua

Thanks for the quality gems and stones, really love its great combination, I would say the fellow workers and Master Chase are very experienced and also friendly and polite, humble and welcoming...

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Rosalind Loh

Thank you to Master Chase, who was so patient in giving me sound advice on what I need to look out for especially in 2024 when I did my 1st bazi reading with him recently.

Received this customized bracelet under the metal series...

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Athen Sun


Had ordered the BAZI + NUMEROLOGY READINGS with a free bracelet from TikTok. The reading was detailed and also provided with the report (shared via WA). They also allowing me to customize the bracelet as I'm allergic...

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After the Bazi reading, you will receive a detailed Feng Shui report that provides valuable insights on how to enhance your living or work environment and improve your overall well-being.