Personal 2024 Routemap Bazi Workshop

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Date : 16th December 2023 (Saturday)

Time : 2pm - 4pm

Venue : Zoom Virtual Room

Unveil the mysteries of BaZi in a 2-hour Zoom session. Explore the fundamentals of the Four Pillars and their significance, discovering how they correspond to zodiac signs and interact with the energetic influence of the 2024 Dragon Year. Understand the profound impact of the Four Pillars on aspects of life like family dynamics, career prospects, finances, relationships, and health.

Course Outline :

Introduction to BaZi and the Four Pillars: Begin your journey into BaZi by understanding the basics of the Four Pillars and how they shape your destiny.

The Zodiac Signs and Their Influence: Explore how each Zodiac sign corresponds to the Four Pillars and influences your life.

The Energetic Power of the 2024 Dragon Year: Discover the unique energy and significance of the Dragon Year in 2024.

Analyzing BaZi for Family Dynamics: Learn how BaZi can provide insights into family relationships and dynamics.

Career and Financial Insights through BaZi: Gain valuable insights into your career and financial prospects using BaZi analysis.

BaZi's Role in Relationship Dynamics: Understand how BaZi can shed light on your relationships with others, including your spouse and children.

Health and Wellness in Your BaZi Chart: Explore the impact of BaZi on your overall health and well-being.

Charting Your Path for 2024: Create a unique roadmap for the year ahead, leveraging the energy of the Dragon Year.

Unleashing the Energy of the Dragon Year: Learn how to harness the Dragon Year's energy for an exceptional 2024.

Deep Dive into Your Personal BaZi Chart: Gain a profound understanding of your own BaZi chart and its significance.

Empowering Yourself for a Prosperous 2024: Empower yourself with the knowledge to shape a brighter and more prosperous 2024.

Unlocking the Secrets of Destiny and Potential Maximization for the Year Ahead: Discover the secrets of your destiny and maximize your potential for the coming year.


Why Attend:

BaZi Fundamentals: Learn the basics of BaZi and the Four Pillars to understand how they impact your life.

Zodiac Insights: Explore the influence of your Zodiac sign on various facets of your destiny.

2024 Dragon Year: Discover the unique energy and significance of this year for better planning.

Family & Career: Gain insights into family dynamics, career prospects, and financial matters.

Relationship Dynamics: Learn how to enhance your relationships with the help of BaZi analysis.

Health & Wellness: Explore the impact of BaZi on your health and well-being for a healthier life.

Chart Your Path: Use BaZi to create a roadmap for 2024 by leveraging the Dragon Year's energy.

Empower Yourself: Acquire the knowledge to empower yourself for a more prosperous year ahead.

Unlock Your Destiny: Uncover the secrets of your destiny and maximize your potential for 2024.

Personalized Insights: Gain a profound insight into your unique BaZi chart and how it can shape your future.

Join this course to equip yourself with invaluable insights, ensuring you navigate 2024 with clarity and purpose, making it an exceptional Zodiac 2024 experience.