Nature's Armor - Pixiu Raja Kayu Peace Series

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Blessed by Singing Bowl

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Specification of Product
 Blessed by Singing bowl
 Handmade in Singapore
 Free restringing for lifetime

Introducing our Nature's Armor bracelet - the ultimate accessory for anyone seeking protection and abundance in their life. Crafted with the finest quality materials,
this bracelet is a powerful combination of the mystical Pixiu, faceted Blue Aquamarine, and 8mm Raja Kayu beads.

The Pixiu is a legendary Chinese creature known for its ability to attract wealth and good fortune. It is believed to have the power to ward off evil spirits
and protect its wearer from harm. When combined with the natural properties of the Blue Aquamarine gemstone and the grounding energy of the Raja Kayu wood,
this bracelet becomes a powerful tool for creating a shield of protection around the wearer.

Each faceted Blue Aquamarine stone in this bracelet is carefully selected for its ability to promote tranquility and inner peace. Its soothing energy helps to reduce
stress and anxiety while bringing clarity to the mind. The Raja Kayu wood adds a grounding element, helping the wearer to stay centered and connected to the earth.

Wearing our Nature's Armor bracelet will not only help to shield you from negative energy, but it will also attract abundance and positivity into your life. Whether you're
looking for spiritual protection, wealth, or simply a sense of calm and balance, this bracelet is the perfect accessory to help you achieve your goals.

 Gemstones Stone Name Benefits / Descriptions
Pixiu Charm  Wealth, Protection, Luck
Faceted Blue Aquamarine Calming and Soothing
8mm Raja Kayu Luck and Protection

Customization services are available, but custom bracelets are subject to a 68 SGD fee.

Average wrist size for men: 15cm-18cm

Average wrist size for women: 13cm-15cm