July Workshop: Intermediate Bazi

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Time : 20th July 2024 (Saturday)
Date  : 10.00am - 5pm (1 day event with an hour break)
Venue TBC

Course Outline: Intermediate Bazi Course

Module 1: Combination

  • Understanding the concept of combinations in Bazi
  • Identifying and interpreting combination formations in a Bazi chart
  • Analyzing the effects of combinations on different aspects of life, such as family, career, spouse, and children
  • Case studies and practical exercises to deepen understanding

Module 2: Clashes

  • Exploring clash formations in Bazi charts
  • Interpreting the effects of clashes on various life areas
  • Analyzing the potential challenges and opportunities associated with clashes
  • Strategies for mitigating the negative effects of clashes
  • Real-life examples and interactive exercises

Module 3: Family

  • Analyzing Bazi charts to understand family dynamics
  • Interpreting the influence of family members on an individual's life
  • Identifying family-related patterns and their impact on personal relationships and well-being
  • Techniques for enhancing harmonious family relationships through Bazi analysis

Module 4: Career

  • Using Bazi analysis to gain insights into career prospects and potentials
  • Identifying career-related indicators in Bazi charts
  • Strategies for optimizing career success based on Bazi insights
  • Case studies and practical exercises to apply Bazi principles to career-related decisions

Module 5: Spouse

  • Interpreting the spouse-related indicators in Bazi charts
  • Analyzing compatibility and potential challenges in relationships
  • Strategies for improving marital relationships based on Bazi analysis
  • Practical exercises and case studies to enhance understanding

Module 6: Children

  • Exploring the indicators related to children in Bazi charts
  • Understanding the potential characteristics and challenges of children based on Bazi analysis
  • Strategies for nurturing and supporting children's development using Bazi insights
  • Real-life examples and interactive exercises

Module 7: Intermediate Face Reading Application

  • Applying intermediate-level face reading techniques to analyze personality traits and characteristics
  • Understanding the correlation between facial features and Bazi elements
  • Interpreting face reading findings in relation to Bazi charts
  • Practical exercises and case studies to enhance face reading skills