Ethereal - Pixiu Raja Kayu Peace Series

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Blessed by Singing Bowl

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Specification of Product
 Blessed by Singing bowl
 Handmade in Singapore
 Free restringing for lifetime

Ethereal bracelet, an enchanting piece that is perfect for anyone seeking to connect with their spiritual side and enhance their inner light. This stunning bracelet is crafted using powerful gemstones and the mystical Pixiu creature, making it a must-have accessory for those seeking to awaken their inner strength and spiritual growth.

The Ethereal bracelet features a Pixiu creature and a combination of Moonstone, 10mm Raja Kayu, and Sunstone stones. Moonstone is a powerful crystal that is associated with the feminine energy and is believed to help enhance intuition, emotional balance, and spiritual growth. Raja Kayu is a sacred wood that is known to have spiritual properties that promote healing, grounding, and protection. Sunstone is a powerful stone that is believed to promote vitality, strength, and personal power.

The Pixiu creature, a legendary creature in Chinese mythology, is believed to have the power to attract prosperity and good fortune. When combined with the powerful gemstones in this bracelet, it is believed to enhance its spiritual properties, providing the wearer with a deeper connection to their inner self.

Wearing our Ethereal bracelet will not only enhance your inner light but also aid in spiritual growth and balance. Whether you're seeking to awaken your inner strength or simply looking for an accessory to complement your spiritual practice, this bracelet is the perfect choice.

Stone Name
Benefits / Descriptions
Pixiu Charm
Wealth, Protection, Fortune
Calming, Soothing, Intuition-enhancing
10mm Raja Kayu
Energizing, Grounding, Protection
Joy, Vitality, Empowerment

Customisation services are available, but custom bracelets are subject to a 68 SGD fee.

Average wrist size for men: 15cm-18cm

Average wrist size for women: 13cm-15cm