Complete Career, Health & Wealth Bazi Report From Our Feng Shui Master


Our Bazi personal analysis and consultation specializes in helping you, by offering sound wealth and career advice.

Discover your Bazi and uncover your personality, strengths and weaknesses as well as your suitable career path in full detail with our in-house Bazi analysis and report.

Our approach is simple; Offering quality, transparency and honesty. With a premium  and comprehensive report, along with a dedicated consultation session, allowing you to get practical solutions and advice in an easily comprehensible package.  

With the Bazi report you can expect to:

- Learn about your hidden talent.

- Find out about the best career path for yourself.

- Understand your luck cycle and your wealth luck.

- Know about your favourable elements and colours to improve your luck. 

What you can find in the report: 

1. Your Natal Bazi chart

2. Zodiac and life Kua

3. Personality profile on your strengths and weaknesses using the Daymaster analysis

4. Career profiling using the Ten Gods analysis

5. Best/favourable colours

6. Most favourable directions

7. Luck cycle analysis using statistical regression and weighted average technique

Our consultation session will allow you to raise any concerns or issues you may be having to us, and we will address your concerns during the consultation.

If you have any concerns such as but not limited to:

1. When should I do my career switch?

2. Is the relationship that I'm in good for me?

3. Should I start my own business?

4. Should I partner with my friend to start my business?

5. Should I invest? And how should I do it?

6. When can I find true love?

If you have other concerns besides the examples listed above, do not hesitate to raise them to us during the consultation and we will do our best to offer you the best recommendations and advice to address them. 


Note* Consultations are up to 30 minutes per session to cater for everyone's appointments.

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We aim to help you identify:

01. What your strengths and weaknesses are.

02. What Career path is suitable for you.

03. Which instrument for financial investments should you use, should you invest in properties, stocks, trust funds or businesses.

04. Who should you partner with to start a business, and what you should look out for.

We use a Classical Fengshui approach to make assessments, with consistent and logical recommendations backed by Classical Fengshui Theories, molded for the modern world. Take the Hoseiki Journey with us now.

What you can expect:

01. A comprehensive report of your personality, strengths, weaknesses and 10-year cycles.

02. Suitable industries.

03. Your relationship with the people around you.

04. Business opportunities.

05. Potential health issues.

06. Auspicious years.

07. Helping you to breakthrough and succeed faster in life through recommendations.

08. After your booking, we will revert within 3 business days to update you of the availability of the report.
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Complete Career, Health & Wealth Bazi Report From Our Feng Shui Master