The Secret To Wealth Luck and Success


Walking into a high school reunion or meeting up with old classmates can be bittersweet. You’re happy to see them, but at the same time, you can’t help but wonder about everyone’s state in life and compare them to yours.

You took the same class together, grew up in the same neighborhood, came from the same family background, yet some are just well-off while others struggle to manifest abundance in their life. Some are financially flourishing with their business, while others have zero to low return on investments.


Seems quite unfair, right? What do they have that you don’t?


The answer is related to their Bazi chart or life chart. They have what we call wealth luck and in Fengshui these people have what we call the Wealth stars.

Lucky and prosperous people usually have the Direct Wealth Star (正财)  or the Indirect Wealth Star (偏财), and in some instances, some people have both.

You may be wondering, what is this Direct and Indirect Wealth Star?

Are they stars that allow us to strike the lottery? Or getting a free inheritance from the Uncle who has no children but passed away and decides to give you all his money (True story for 1 of my clients by the way). These situations are great but they hardly describe the true meaning of these stars. 

Direct Wealth Star


Having the Direct Wealth Star means that you are capable of managing businesses and projects effectively. This star symbolizes the traits of having strong business acumen and being a natural in handling finances.

In the instance of an employee, it represents operational effectiveness. In the instance of a person’s character, it represents energy and spirit, the ability to get things done in a proper manner. 

Having this means you are excellent at generating income to help your company or business reach success and stability in an astute and sustainable manner.


Indirect Wealth Star

In comparison, the Indirect Wealth Star symbolizes traits of making good judgments and effective decisions when it comes to investments and trading. You are a person that has an eye for new opportunities and you understand market trends with ease.




As mentioned above, both these stars can be present in a person’s natal Bazi chart, which are the 8 characters derived from our birth time, day, month and year. These stars form part of our personality and character that allows us to shine naturally in the areas of wealth and finances.

Additionally, these stars can be present in a person’s luck cycle, which changes every 10 years, and also in the year cycle, which changes every year. 

Although the yearly elements are the same for everybody, the effect they have on each one of us are vastly different. A wealth star for me might be an intelligence star for you, depending on how we react to the year’s element. Therefore it will take an expert to interpret if it is indeed a wealth star or not. To find out if you have the wealth star, contact our principal Feng Shui Master, Master Chase through WhatsApp.

Everyone naturally has a wealth star. However, we should understand when we will have them and prepare ahead of time on how to utilize them to their full potential, so we can strategize our next move in our career and businesses. 

To understand how you can utilize your wealth star to it’s true potential and manifest the life of your dreams, contact our principal Feng Shui Master, Master Chase through WhatsApp now for a FREE basic analysis.