Some People Have it, and Some People Don’t

“Hey, look, that one-punch girl is here.” 

Voices filled the room as the top agent walked through the office into the boss’s room. No one heard a single sales update from that woman throughout the entire year. Then just 3 months before the year ended, this person closed a deal netting him 300k SGD in commissions. 

In November, she closed another 500k SGD from another huge client and became top of the table (TOT) in her organization. 

Imagine, two deals a year, and that’s all it took. 

“Hey JXXXX (Real-life client of Hoseiki, by the way), how did you do it?” 

“I was lucky enough to meet 2 big clients!”

The thing is, there is nothing lucky about her. It is what we call the Benefactor luck, or in Chinese, we call this the “Gui Ren Star.”

Some people have it, and some people don’t. 

“Wah, Omakase every day with Sake in the afternoon, only a TOT achiever like her can enjoy like that.” 

Yes, the guy who said that is probably right. Not everyone has the Gui Ren star like her. 

They are Likable

It is not about being famous or being lucky. People who have nobleman stars are more “likable.” They can gain trust quickly, and people find them helpful, trustworthy, and comfortable to be around. The nobleman star allows them to be able to gain trust with ample empathy and a good choice of words. 

Born with it

This is especially true with people born with the star within their natal chart. Some people are just blessed enough to be born with it. They will be able to navigate their way through difficult situations and still gain ultimate victory. 

What if I don’t have it in my Natal Chart 

Do not fret. We will just need to look deep at the Luck Cycle. Unless you are really unlucky and fraught with clashes, most probably, there should be at least some years that you will have this star. 

All we need to do is identify these specific years and do our best to boost our Career Luck in these moments of our life.

The Quality of the Benefactor matters 

That’s right, just as burgers come in different shapes and sizes, the benefactor is much like that too. The benefactor star in Bazi is known as the Nobleman star, and there are indeed many different types of nobleman stars. 

Some are even better than others. 

For example, the “Tian Yi Gui Ren” is the most precious nobleman star. It gives potentially life-changing events that can drastically improve a person’s life. 

On the other hand, the rest of the Nobleman stars can also slightly help in protection, wealth, luck, and general health. 

4 Ways to improve our Nobleman star 

Be a Kinder Person 

It’s free to be a kinder person, more patient, and less of a ****. Sorry for the use of language, but you know, I meet with weird people every once in a while in my line of work. My clients are very kind to me, but sometimes we get outliers, and I don’t like very entitled, rude, and elitist people. 

Since my threshold for emotional pain is relatively high, I would think that if I dislike them, most people should dislike them too. 

There goes their benefactor stars. 

So you see, in reverse, being likable is a pretty simple thing. Just be kinder to the people you meet. 

Understanding Yourself Better through Bazi 

So many clients have come in and asked why nobody likes them. Sometimes the reason can be pretty obvious. However, the best way to understand the root cause of the problem is to have their Bazi read by a Fengshui Master.

Use of Pixiu Bracelets

The Pixiu charm is one of the most powerful tools in improving one’s Benefactor Luck. It is embodied by an auspicious animal, famous in Asian culture. It represents good fortune and it is a medium wherein positive energy can flow and empower the wearer with energy bestowed from the heavens. 

Having one charm can be beneficial, but having a pair of them can bring you more luck and prosperity, as well as protection.

Luckily, we have an elegant collection of Pixiu bracelets that are perfect for your element and complement your Zodiac, whatever they may be. There are also single and twin Pixiu bracelets to cater to your needs.

Charms with twin pixius attract each other, and the energy it brings gives benefactor luck. It also protects the wearer from harm, negative energies, and evil people.

These bracelets are sold in pairs to enhance your Benefactor Luck and are blessed by using our singing bowl to keep them high-vibrating with positive energies. 

Find the perfect Pixiu charm here.

Use Home Fengshui 

Activating the Benefactor or Nobleman Star in our House can also help us. Through the use of home Fengshui, your social connections can expand and enhance, leading to career advancement and stability.

It can also improve your health, making you more productive and motivated, and with a little more alignment, you may be the next TOT in your department.

The use of our Fengshui Tree can activate the sector but finding the exact location requires the skill of a trained Fengshui Consultant. 

No, it is not some diagonal direction from the door or something. Something as simple as this is tempting but often, the more simple it is for something so valuable, the more likely it is a scam, much like all the money games all out there. 

Book a session here to know more about the secrets that millionaires use to improve their Nobleman star and achieve business breakthroughs through home Fengshui. You can also message Master Chase on WhatsApp for more details.