In our previous blogs we discussed about the 9 factors that affects our Destiny. And here, are the last 3 factors that can affect our Destiny as well. While we can’t change our heavenly destiny and our luck, we can change our Fengshui by staying in a favorable location as well as the rest of these smaller pointers.

Do not look down on these final factors, when you are not doing as well or when you are down on luck. If we put in extra effort in these other factors, they will surely help you to turn the tides of your life. I have seen people with horrible luck cycles do extremely well in business and excel exceptionally in life.


11)   Career and Spouse


You may be wondering why does career and spouse fall under the same category – well, there is a Chinese saying “男怕入错行,女怕嫁错郎” which means, the man is afraid of going into the wrong career and the woman is afraid of marrying the wrong man. This is a traditional and conservative mindset where in a family the man works to feed the family and woman is dependent on man. In modern living, Career and Spouse are equally important for man and woman.  Choosing the right career is important, but what is a suitable career for an individual? It will depend on what is the person’s training, qualification, interest, talents and many other factors.  It is not just simply looking at a person’s destiny chart and deciding that since the person’s favourable element is metal, he/she should be in a metal related trade like gold smithing, steel industry or car sales. The spouse is needless to say, also a very important factor as well. Will you be able to support each other during good and bad times or is it a stressful relationship that results in harm to each other? Choose carefully, whether it’s your career or spouse.


12)  Date Selection


The energy pattern of the universe can be calculated, tracked and pre-determined. Nothing occurs at random. Yearly, Monthly, Daily and Hourly elemental cycles have profound influence upon events and our actions. Therefore, auspicious date selection for significant events is important. Date selection is the art of selecting the right timing by analyzing your birth chart using BaZi (4 Pillars of Destiny) and referencing to the Chinese Almanac (通书).


13)  Mindset


There are also other things that are important that will affect your life too which are not mentioned in the Chinese sayings. One of them is mindset – some people are positive; some people are negative. In the same sense, some people are overly positive till they end up becoming unrealistic, and the same goes to those who are overly negative as well. Positive people in general, tend to do better than negative people. I also believe in the law of your intention – what you think affects your energy directly. What you think, you attract, that is in the form of energy, which in turn manifests physically. People that are of a high level of consciousness can have their intentions manifest much faster than a person who is of a low level of consciousness. Let me give you examples of different level of consciousness:

a person who is angry, remains in anger and becomes anger itself, which attracts more anger and manifests on the physical level as violence.

a person who is angry catches himself  being in anger, realize it but remains in anger because of ego.

a person who is angry catches himself in anger and decides to put down his ego and resolve the conflict peacefully.

a person who is totally conscious and do not get into the state of anger at all in the first place.


Watch what you are thinking, you are who you think you are and you are what you think.

I hope you find this article useful. May all your endeavors turn into fruition and may peace be with you.