In our previous blog we discussed about the 3 biggest factors that affects our Destiny. However, there are other smaller factors that will affect our Destiny as well. While we can’t change our heavenly destiny and our luck, we can change our Fengshui by staying in a favorable location as well as the rest of these smaller pointers.

Do not look down on these smaller factors, when you are not doing as well or when you are down on luck. If we put in extra effort in these other factors, they will surely help you to turn the tides of your life. I have seen people with horrible luck cycles do extremely well in business. One of them is my personal friend in Hong Kong. The calculation of his luck cycle and Bazi chart shows an extremely weak chart with a poor luck cycle in the early years of his life but due to his extremely hardworking nature and kind personality, he still managed to successfully drive a multi-million company with over 200 employees.


4)   Kindness Towards People


Some people may call this karma or, if we were to put it scientifically; Newton’s third law. Where for every action there must be an equal and opposite reaction. There is a certain symmetry in nature, where forces occur in pairs. For every good deed done, to one, there will be another one waiting for you. Accumulation of good deeds or altruism, bringing about the concept of “you reap what you sow”. Most religions teach us to do good, and not to do bad. Some might wonder that there are people out there that did a lot of bad things but they are still doing very well or did not suffer any retribution. That is because they are still going through their good luck cycle which is the result of their previous good deeds done before this life or in their past lives. If you don’t believe in past lives, just take it as their retribution has yet to arrive, but one day it certainly will. Once their good luck cycle is over, not only will they suffer bad luck they will also have to suffer the consequences of their ill actions, even if they don’t, their children will. The USA have done a survey on serial killers in the past and their family line, and it is shocking to find out that a huge 50% of their children are also in shady occupations or have done things that are also on the wrong side of the law.


Similarly, I have also noticed people’s life or luck cycle changing due to accumulating good deeds by helping people. This is also one of the reasons why I am motivated to work in this line. Hoseiki allows me to use what I have learnt to help those who are in need of aid in their daily lives. Either by helping them with their Bazi reading or by assessing the Fengshui of their homes so that they can live better.

One of the Chinese Classics; 了凡四训 depicts a lawful official who had a bad luck cycle but due to his continuous accumulation of good deeds. He reaped a good long life and he wrote this book to teach his children about outperforming their Bazi Chart through patience, kindness, and a positive attitude towards life. While this book is heavily skewed with Buddhist teachings, you can always read it with an open mind while analyzing it with a scientific mind. The moral of the story is that your Chart and Luck Cycle determines your outcome through logical eventualities based on the mind of a common man. But if you maintain an extremely positive mind through the accumulation of good deeds (somehow, they are related), then you will tend to make a lot of better decisions, which will result in better outcomes for yourself.


5)    Education

We all know that education is an important factor that will affect the quality of one’s life.  Society rewards those that uses their brain more than those that those who simply labor away. Being educated and uneducated makes a big difference in terms of being rewarded in general. I believe we need to include skill sets as an important attribute not just for the sake of education here. There are many examples of people that are not highly educated but do very well in life or even better that those that are highly educated. There is also no guarantee that one will do well if one is highly educated. Skill sets are equally important, which include ability to manage people, sales and negotiation techniques, business accruement etc. Two people born on the same day same timing with different education and skill sets leads different lives. In order to improve your life, you will need to constantly upgrade your skill sets and also educate yourself continuously.


6)    Name


From the Ancient Chinese to the Modern, there is still a lot of emphasis placed on a person’s name. Usually, they’ll try to get an auspicious name for a newborn. Some Chinese also believe that Chinese characters can be classified into different elements like metal, wood, water, fire and earth. Some experts recommend names for a child by looking at his/her destiny chart to decide what element is good for him/her and then name the child with the Chinese characters that are associated with that element.   There are some schools of numerology, whereby characters in names are represented by numbers and they recommend names that add up to a favorable number will be good for a person.  Personally, I feel it is important to have a nice sounding name too.


7)     Looks


One of the 5 ancient arts is face or body form reading.  There are some masters who can read your fortune simply by reading your face and body form. As we grow, our face and body changes, similarly our fortune and luck changes as time goes by.  There are some features that will not change much, and there are also some features that will change quite a bit. Take a look at your pictures and see how much they have changed since your younger days. I believe that face reading is good for reading what your current luck is only because your face changes with time.  For experts that are really good they can even read your energy, Qi or aura; this requires not only knowledge but a certain level of spiritual cultivation. Experts like these are rare. If a person’s luck can be read from his/her face, does changing a person’s face also changes his/her luck? The answer is yes. For example, the tip of a person’s nose symbolizes his wealth and the ability to accumulate wealth, the fleshier it is the better. Unfortunately many people feel that sharp pointed noses are prettier. Take a look at Michael Jackson for example, he altered his face and altered his luck in the process. Another thing you may notice or experience in life is if a person looks good, he or she will tend to be treated better too, have more suitors etc. One thing to take note相由心生 which means your looks changes with your heart, what is inside may eventually be reflected on the outside.


8)      Respect for spirits/gods


This is a very sensitive topic.  Different religions have different beliefs and teachings.  I shall not comment too much on this topic. However, many things that happen in our lives have direct influence from spirits or gods. A good person will attract good spirits or guardian angels, a bad person on the other hand will inadvertently attract bad ones.


9)      Having supportive people


It means being in good company and also people who are supportive in terms of improving you in various aspects of your life. For example, a good boss who supports you at work, a good friend who encourages you when you are down, an investor who provides you financial aid when your company is not doing well – they are all considered as 贵人 or supportive people. One way of attracting 贵人 is to be one yourself. And one also needs to have the wisdom to be in the company of the right people that are able to positively influence their life. If a person is always in bad company, he will similarly attract bad luck or be influenced to do things that will potentially harm one’s life or wellbeing.


10)  Taking care of one’s own health


Taking good care of your health is one of the things that tends to fall under common sense. It is also one of the things that is most neglected by people in modern living. When was the last time you exercised? Maintaining a healthy diet is equally important too. Qi gong or Taiji is one of the ancient exercises that are very beneficial to one’s health. It boosts the immune system so that one does not fall sick easily. It also improves the subtle Qi in the body.  It is however, important to select the right master, if one practices it wrongly, it will have an adverse effect on one’s health and life too.  Usually when one’s health suffers, the quality of one’s life will be affected and then one will truly realize the importance of health.  Prevention is always better then cure because there may not always be a cure.