Marriage luck?

You’ve probably seen the same fun post too many times too: Even the super-rich prince/business man/investor can’t always keep his wife happy, what chance do you have?

Aside from concerns in career and wealth luck, we’ve also addressed many of our customers’ concerns for their marriage and provided quite a few sessions of marriage consultations. Offering advice to:

  1. Improve relationships (By improving communication, nurturing better understanding and trust as well)
  2. Improve Children luck (Either in having children, or being able to raise and bond with the child well)
  3. Overall familial harmony through Home Feng Shui
  4. Divorce resolutions (The worst-case scenario which we never want to do unless it is the last resort)


Having done this for quite some time, its sad to say that we’ve had quite a handful of divorce resolutions during our consultations, and it really goes without saying that marriage is certainly a challenge in itself to maintain and nurture. We don’t even need to look at our customers’ marriage issues to know that, plenty of celebrities and high-profile entrepreneurs/business men face the same issues as well, and end up divorcing too.

Ultimately, I believe what all of us want for our home, as family men and women is Family Harmony. It is undeniably the most sought after and sometimes, the most lacking within a family. Now, before we start taking a more in-depth look behind what makes a relationship work, and what marriage/relationship ‘luck’ are, we need to get this out of the way. Contrary to what many people might think, having good Wealth luck will NOT equate to having good family harmony. What is needed for good family harmony in Fengshui will be an understanding of one’s and the spouses Bazi charts and good home Fengshui, to ensure a smooth flowing and balanced relationship. Frankly speaking, if someone has too much wealth luck and end up having bad relationships, it could sometime bring about poor overall luck to the individual.

Spouse Luck

As men and women are different, their charts will be different as well, to determine a man’s spouse luck, there must be the presence of the Wealth star in his chart. I.e., If he is a 甲 Wood, then the presence of the Earth Element will determine if he has spouse luck. However, whether or not the spouse’s elements and star are favourable is still a large determining factor if the quality of the relationship is good or not.


For a woman’s chart, her spouse star is determined by presence of the element that ‘controls’ her element in her chart. And her spouse star will determine the quality of her spouse luck too. However, whether the quality of her spouse luck or relationships are good or not depends on whether the spouse’s elements are favourable to her as well.


So Is Marriage for me?

Depending on your chart, marriage can potentially be more stress inducing than fun, and Hoseiki is here to help balance out your relationship and marriage life. Through educating you on your chart and balancing yourself and your home through authentic Fengshui techniques and recommendations. Now, you may have some heart-burning questions regarding relationships and marriage, and we’ll address them before we move on.

  1. Not every one is suitable for marriage? Yes
  2. Can I still get married even if my spouse’ star/marriage star are unfavourable? Yes
  3. Can Fengshui help balance out my marriage? Yes

Many people are curious of what type of spouse they will attract, and vice versa, well there is a way to determine that. And that will be in the individual’s Bazi chart. You may refer to the chart below:

As seen above, the element that is in the spouse pillar will determine the type of spouse that you will attract, or will be attracted to. Therefore, by studying and understanding the spouse pillar and the element below our Daymaster, we will have a better understanding of the type of spouse we will attract or be attracted to. A general guide as to the type of spouse an element/star may represent:

Favourable wealth star at spouse pillar – Good and capable spouse

Favourable wisdom star at spouse pillar – Wise and helpful spouse

Favourable fighting spirit at spouse pillar – Encouraging and motivating spouse

Unfavourable wealth star at spouse pillar – Lazy and greedy spouse

Unfavourable wisdom star at spouse pillar – Unwise and irrational spouse

Unfavourable fighting spirit at spouse pillar – A spouse with different goals who may give stress and cause possible separation

Do take note that what we’ve mentioned above is an incredibly general guide, and it is always recommended to have a detailed reading to obtain better conclusions and recommendations too.

Now, as pre-determined as everything may seem, nothing is set in stone, and being human means that we have a choice. What you attract or may be attracted to might not even come to pass if you are able to foresee and prevent it. You always have a choice, we all do. Understanding your chart, your personality and the spouse that you will attract or be attracted to, is the first step in not just making your marriage life more harmonious, but may potentially prevent you from making the wrong choice as well.



  1. Individuals with unfavourable spouse stars need to choose their spouse wisely.

  2. Staying single/unmarried is always better than marrying the wrong person.

  3. Just because one may not have spouse/romance luck doesn’t mean that one will never be able to find a spouse. One just needs to work on becoming more attractive and wiser. If you’re looking to make yourself more attractive, our Fire and Metal element collections are the perfect start for you.

  4. Activating the wisdom sector at home can improve couple/familial relationships. If you wish to determine where the wisdom sector of your home is, how to activate it, and how to improve the overall fengshui of your home, our Home Fengshui assessment is for you.

  5. If you are already married and find that your spouse is less than perfect, both of you can work on personal cultivation and development by understanding your strengths, weaknesses and personality better. If you’re wondering how, then our Detailed Personal Bazi Consultation is for you.


If you have any inquiries or just need some general advice on not just your marriage but life in general, feel free to WhatsApp us @ 8415 3359.