Sharing The Blessings of Fengshui

Empowering Through Knowledge

At Hoseiki, we are always seeking to change and impact people’s lives by educating them on the importance of Fengshui. Empowering them with knowledge rather than intimidating with the same knowledge. We were fortunate and privileged enough to be featured on 2 separate events 2 weekends ago, where I was able to share some helpful fengshui tips and insights to our audiences.

You guys may have seen our emailers a few weeks back regarding a webinar that I was hosting, and that was a great platform for me to be able to share more about how Fengshui can be used to aid our careers. For those of you who may have missed the webinar, I’ll be doing a quick recap here on what I covered in the webinar so you won’t be too left out. What we managed to share during the career webinar was to educate our audience on how they can identify their strengths in their individual Bazi charts. By dividing the respective strengths into 3 different categories: Skills, Ops and Influence. We were able to advise them on their career paths as well as what they can do to improve their careers.



At Hoseiki, we believe in using Fengshui to improve one’s career, wealth luck and health too. Which is why we place a strong emphasis on career profiling and personality profiling, through understanding one’s strengths and weaknesses via Bazi reading. We also provided case studies of individual Bazi charts to educate them on how to identify the strength in a particular chart.

Aside from the webinar, we were also fortunate enough to be featured on a Facebook livestream with Getai artistes Hao Hao and Lee Pei Fen to share about the benefits that Fengshui can have on you. As we are still a relatively young and new brand, the opportunity for us to introduce ourselves to the heartland communities of Punggol and Pasir Ris GRC was an immense privilege. We were able to share the story of our origins during the livestream and why our name is what it is: Hoseiki. To those of you who don’t know, Hoseki actually means Jewel in Japanese.



Our goal was to be a jewel of the east, practicing the ancient and under-appreciated craft of traditional Fengshui and applying it for our modern world. Through practical and authentic advice and recommendations, our hope is to spread the blessings that good fengshui can bring and turn this craft into one that is more appreciated. During our short feature on the livestream, we were also able to educate our audience on which bracelet is favourable for them based on their Bazi chart and favourable elements. Allowing them to take their first step in using fengshui to improve their lives.

Many of you may know us as a brand that deals with Fengshui jewelry, and yes that is indeed true. But I’ve always believed in empowerment through education. Our values are still to share and provide authentic Fengshui advice, and empower our clients with knowledge and practical solutions as well. That was the belief that started our journey, and as far as we’ve come now, that is still the very same belief that drives us to do what we do for you.

Discover our collection and find the right auspicious bracelet for you. If you wish to know about your Bazi and find your auspicious bracelet, do feel free to WhatsApp us @ 8415 3359

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