Feng Shui Tactics Millionaires Use 


Over the last year or so, Hoseiki has helped many clients and working professionals achieve better decision making through Bazi analysis and Home Fengshui, and as a result:

  • Better Career Luck
  • Better Investment Luck
  • Better Relationship/romance Luck
  • Higher Net Worth

Despite the year being unfavourable for almost everyone, and with some of them having bad luck cycles during the period too, they have still managed to overcome the adversities and thrive during this otherwise seemingly unfavorable period through our consultations and taking their own journey of self-improvement and understanding. This is coherent to Hoseiki’s mission of growing our client’s net worth and network.

As a trusted Fengshui advisor of many high-net worth clients; from successful entrepreneurs, financial service directors and real estate directors, over the years, Master Chase has helped many of these successful individuals improve their lives and achieve their goals through the use of Fengshui. The most fundamental of which, is by practicing and ensuring good home fengshui.

In this little guide today, Master Chase will be going through some of the Home Fengshui secrets and practices our very own Hoseiki’s base of multi-millionaires. This step-by-step guide aims to show and educate you on how Master Chase helped his clients achieve immense financial success in a relatively short span of time, despite their otherwise humble beginnings.


 1. Auspicious Landforms & Features


 For landed properties, the first and most important thing to take note of is the land form of the property. It is critical to ensure that the shape of the property is in an ideal square or rectangle shape. The term 四點金 (Four points of gold) was coined for this ideal piece of land.

Aside from the shape of the land, it is always important to have good forms surrounding the property. Based on the 左青龍右白虎 (Left Green Dragon & Right White Tiger) formation theory, by having a taller building/structure on the left of your property, and a shorter building/structure on the right. Ideally, it will be good to have a strong backing as well, with a property behind, but that is not really necessary either, but is good to have.

A second important and auspicious land form to have, are water forms. Ideally, an embracing water/jade belt, also called: The belt of wealth (玉帶環腰) In ancient China, high-ranking government officials donned the Jade belt. The term Jade belt refers to a feature where the road/water surrounds the building like how the Jade belt embraces the waits of the wealthy. Many of the estates around Sentosa cove, or Harbourfront for example, has this particular auspicious land form. 


 2. Avoiding Negative Landforms & Features


Having good landforms around your property is one thing, but there are also inauspicious landforms to avoid as well. Inauspicious landforms cause Sha Qi (煞氣), which is often referred to as negative Fengshui or attacking energy. While it is invisible, Sha qi can often make one feel uneasy or uncomfortable. In more serious cases, Sha Qi can even affect your luck cycle, and with prolonged exposure to this negativity, you will find that it can detrimentally affect your physical and mental wellbeing.

One of the most common types of negative landforms to avoid are long corridors/roads leading right to your home/front door, as well as T-Junctions. These negative forms create what is known as Crashing Sha (路冲煞). The implications of this particular Sha Qi on home owners are poor health. Residents that experience Crashing Sha are prone to eye-related diseases and traffic accidents. Residents with children should especially avoid this as it can negatively affect their children’s academics as well.


3. Facing/Layout of the Property


As we know in Fengshui, there are 8 different directions/facings and each of the 8 facings represents the 5 different elements. The facing/direction of your home is important as bad facing/direction can lead to clashes within your home. When talking about ideal facings/directions, there is one general rule of thumb to always keep in mind, no matter the type of property you are living in. The north-west (NW) direction must never, never be in the kitchen. Ideally, it should be in the living room, or the master bedroom.

Another thing to note about the layout of the property, will be to understand the Flying Stars theory. Using this method, we will be able to identify the auspicious sectors of the house I.e., the wealth sector and how to activate it. As well as the unfavourable sectors of the home, and how to avoid activating them. Attuning the property to the year’s favorable stars can potentially improve your wealth luck by at least 25%.


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How to use the Flying Stars of 2022?

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4. Chi Consistency


The next thing to note about having good Fengshui at home, is the Chi consistency of the space. Essentially, the flow of energy within the house must be smooth and undisruptive. One simple method of finding out if the flow of Chi within your home is smooth and consistent, is by using a compass to measure it yourself.

  1. Use a compass (real compass not the app on your phone) and stand at your house’s front door.
  2. Once you have determined the direction, move around your home while referring to the compass.
  • As long as you are facing the direction of the main door, the direction reflected on the compass should be the same, or similar.

If you have tried this, and you realize that the directions are changing, even though you are still facing the same direction, that might mean that you have an inconsistent Chi flow within your home. Should you encounter such an issue, it is actually a red flag for the state of your home’s Fengshui. Do not hesitate to WhatsApp Master Chase @ 8415 3359 for a home Fengshui audit, to see what we can do to rectify this issue.


5. Using Plants to Improve Chi


Plants are a great way to improve your home’s Fengshui, and can even be used to counter/prevent negative Sha Qi as well. For example, if you do find yourself with a house at the end of a long corridor/road, placing a plant by the front door can negate/curb the negative Sha Qi from crashing into your home. Plants in general also bring nourishing energy into the home and as long as it is well taken care of, promotes growth in the home as well.


6. Inviting Friends/Guests to Your Home Once in Awhile


Contrary to policies these days, though we are not encouraging you to flaunt the laws of safe distancing/SMMs. Having guests in your house is actually good for home Fengshui. As Chi is a lifeforce after all, and people do actually bring Chi around with them wherever they go. So, having guests/friends over occasionally invites a flow of positive Chi to the house, and the positive energy of being around your friends is good form of Chi as well. Just as long as you are not doing anything unsavory like gambling etc. Having friends over is a good way of maintaining a good flow of Chi at home.


7. Having a Bright Hall/Living Area


In classical Fengshui, a bright hall refers to the living space in the front of the house, in other words: The living room.

One of the golden verses in the Fengshui classics of landform suggests a correlation between the amount of space in front of a house and the number of descendants and offspring. Having a spacious bright hall in front of your residence will bring wealth and prosperity for generations to come.


8. Ensure That The Front of Your Home is Decluttered


In Fengshui, clutter causes stagnation and symbolizes anything as unfinished, unused, unresolved or seriously disorganized. As the front of your house is where Chi will flow in from, you will certainly want to keep that space as decluttered as possible, to allow Chi to flow in smoothly as well. So, keeping your shoes in your shoe cabinets rather than leaving them lying around would be a good habit to have in keeping the front of your house decluttered.


9. Keeping Your Kitchen & Stoves Clean


The kitchen represents the Fire element in your home. A good home fengshui layout will be to ensure that the kitchen at either the back of the house in the south or southwest corner, or the north or north east parts.

As mentioned in the previous point, Fengshui emphasizes cleanliness and decluttering to keep good energy flowing in the kitchen. Having a messy kitchen creates negative energy in your space which can then impact the health of family members. A good way to prepare your kitchen for good fengshui will be to ensure that it is easy to clean as well.

Your kitchen stove should be one that is real and working as well, and there should only be 1 stove set too. By real and working, we mean one that uses gas and fire, and not an induction stove if you’re wondering.


10. Ensuring Good Feng Shui in Your Room/Master Bedroom


Ensuring that the bedroom/master bedroom is in the good sector of the home. It is after all, the room that you’ll be spending the most time at home in, and the place where you will be sleeping, resting and recovering in. Having the master bedroom in a good sector of the house will mean that you will be able to work and sleep in a sector that is favourable for you. Allowing you to reap the benefits of good fengshui, such as better rest, resulting in better vitality and hence, better productivity and wealth luck as well.

Another thing to note will be to have a good bed with 4 legs and a solid headboard. Do not store items under the bed as well. Your bed head should be in a favourable location as well, flat against a wall. Do not have your bed head under/against windows, or at an angle from the wall as well.


In Conclusion 

Ultimately, the key to having good home fengshui is to have a home that adheres to the tips we’ve given you in this guide. Almost every millionaire home that we’ve helped to consult adheres to these basic tips, and more.

If you have come this far and are curious on how good home Fengshui can benefit you, do not hesitate to drop Master Chase a WhatsApp @ 8415 3359.