Changing tides

*Disclaimer; all advice and recommendations given in this article are based on opinions and are not professional investment advice*

To say that we are in times of change now will be the understatement of the century. Our environment, the economy and even people around us are dynamic and are constantly in a state of change. Especially now, with the Covid19 Pandemic wreaking havoc in our lives and our economies, change is more prevalent than ever. Shifting of economics will mean that once thriving industries are now barely making ends meet, and for others, it could be a time of developmental possibilities as well.

As we know in Feng Shui, there will always be a shift of wealth from one industry to another over time. So, the question now is, is this shift due to the Covid19 pandemic? Or is it perhaps something a bit more divine?


Shifting of luck

Bazi is about the shift of “luck”, or as we prefer to call it; focus due to the passing of different seasons. This is what we call Yin and Yang, or simply in a broader sense, a shift/change in the elements. In our case of using the Xuan Kong Theory, this will be known as the shifting of kua.

As the saying goes just because you can’t see something, doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. And that same logic goes for the shifting of kua. Or if we put it in another way: Just because you can’t see EMPs doesn’t mean that you can deny their existence. They affect us even though we can’t see them, and hence, the invisible forces of Feng Shui will affect us as well.

One of the key principles that we use to explain this rather complex change is a key concept called the San Yuan Xuan Kong flying stars. This is a method widely used during the Imperial Chinese period, to analyze the flow of key energies in the palaces or work spaces. This same flow is what shifts energies that are imbued in time, and as time progresses to the next period, so too do these energies shift as well.

However, its one thing being able to understand how a change in period affects the shifting of luck, knowing how this shift can affect you individually is the most pertinent. Having a personal risk profiling and analysis, as well as understanding your luck/wealth cycle is the best way to prepare yourself for the upcoming economic changes. All of these are covered in our Detailed Personal Bazi analysis, and more too. Give yourself the best preparation for change, and understand your personality, strengths and weaknesses too. 


Potential markets to invest in

From the period between 2004-2023, it is what we call the “Gen” kua of Period 9, which represents the Earth element. During this period, individuals who invested correctly in property/real estate will see a lot of gains in their portfolio. It will also be a period where young-men will prosper and earn high positions and titles in both business and politics. However, from 2024-2043, the shift will be to the “Li” kua of Period 9, and this is the kua of the Fire element.  So, that brings us to the question, what industries will be potentially great for investments in Period 9.

Well, as we mentioned before, there will be a shift in “luck” to different industries, and the most obvious of which will be to IT, digital/e-commerce companies. Companies in this industry will start coming into full swing and play a major role in our new norm.

The next industry will be those in Electrical power. What with most carmakers these days switching to/developing electrical sources to power their cars, the power of electricity seems to be paving the way to the future. The shift from oil power to solar and electrical power is going to be a gradual one, but it is ultimately inevitable. Looking at stocks from companies developing electrical vehicles or the motors and batteries powering them is going to be a pretty good idea.

Sticking with the theme of digitalization, another industry that will thrive in this period will be semiconductors. With rapid digitalization means an increase in demand in semiconductor chips. As these industries are highly complex and radical changes in tech will often require major overhauls in chip designs, there will certainly be a major growth in the semiconductor industry.

2 other industries in tech that should see viable growth and returns will be AI and Virtual reality. The growth in AI Technology will form the core growth and advancement in the world’s tech as a whole. And for virtual reality, it will potentially be a new way for us to experience products, places, and things in the digital era. Another factor to consider before investing in these 2 industries, will be to consider Asian businesses that are dealing with or developing these technologies. As about 70% of the holdings in AI tech are being held by industries in Asia, and they are continuously working on developing this technology for the coming 2 decades. China too, is currently a leader in 5g technology that is paving the way to a much more advanced and digitalized future.

Another industry that will thrive aside from tech, will be the beauty industry. In this day and age, with social media setting the ‘standard’ of how people ought to live, and look like. People are becoming more and more obsessed with individual beauty. Cosmetics, fragrances, and skincare are all industries that ought to see a boom in the coming years.

A last point to note will be that industrijes run by middle-aged women will tend to shine as many women will start coming into positions of power in nations and businesses alike. It’s a different and a much more open time now, seeing women in positions of power is a step forward to a more human and sociable image for the globe and industry alike.

Other industries you may want to take note on will be the optical industries, content creation (such as photography and videography etc.), medical sciences and of course, environmental sustainability. These are the industries that will be able to thrive during the Li kua of Period 9.


Prepare yourself with the right tools

With the upcoming kua of Period 9 being one of Fire, it will be best to ensure that you are prepared for it. Our bracelets from the Fire element are here to boost your overall luck during this fiery period, and will potentially be able to help you go through it unscathed.

The perfect bracelets to boost your investment luck:



And right before we end off, we've got a little nugget of info/fun fact for everyone. Famed Hong Kong movie star Louis Koo purchased a house specifically to prepare himself for Period 9. Clearly most of us are not as financially capable as he is, but you don't have to go so far as to buy a new place just to prepare yourself if you can't. Knowing if your home is suitable, and learning how you can prep it for Period 9 is a much more practical and realistic way to do it. If you wish to find out more, and how we can help you with Home Feng Shui, feel free to contact us via WhatsApp @ 8415 359, or you could see for yourself with our Home Feng Shui Assessment.

For more information, or if you have any concerns, do feel free to drop us a WhatsApp @ 8415 3359 for a detailed BaZi consultation to understand your strengths, weaknesses, personality, career profile, and what investment tools are the best for you!