This is the last part of our Facebook live stream regarding Wealth Stars, and yes, we saved the best part for you in this blog. Before we go on any further, you can view our first and second live streams to understand what we will be discussing thoroughly.

Moreover, I would like to invite you to our Telegram because we will have an enclosed Q&A session for everyone who subscribes. You can ask anything to firm the things up you want to ask about Wealth Stars.

Going back to our session, let’s start breaking our topics down.

Crafting a Set of Unique Solutions

Today, we will talk about solutions only. Hoseiki has been focused on problem-solving over the years, and we take pride in it. In my journey, I often get asked what the most important thing to be a Feng Shui master is.

Some feel it is knowledge. Some feel it is experience. But to me, it is to solve clients' problems. Some will say your destiny is fixed, and you are bound to fail. Many of you may have also looked for Hoseiki because other readers read you guys as failures. 

I also have Feng Shui masters who discouraged me from doing business but getting feedback like that, how do we move on? That’s why the most important is to take a multi-disciplinary approach to Fengshui. 

Intelligence is where we can take a step back, view things from a broader perspective and link multiple disciplines together. Similarly, when you listen to the seminar, I will need you to understand the concept of taking time to take a step back and look from a broader sense of things, connect the dots between the different disciplines then work on your life.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into solutions.

Different Types of People and Examples

  • People who have Wealth Stars and no Poverty Stars – We will focus on aggressive strategies to grow the wealth stars. These people generally have strong skill sets and not many weaknesses in their lives. They can use only the techniques of boosting the Wealth Stars. They make up about 10% of Hoseiki customers. 
  • People who have Wealth Stars and Poverty Stars – These people will need to use the full suite of strategies to grow their wealth stars and suppress their poverty stars. They make up about 70% of all Hoseiki customers.
  • People who have no Wealth Stars and no Poverty Stars – They are usually happy people, and most of them don’t believe in Feng Shui. They are delighted as they are, and there seems to be nothing that they particularly want in their lives. They are usually quite blessed people who choose to remain that way instead of going out of their way to use their skill sets in blessing other people. They make up about 5% of Hoseiki customers. 
  • People who have no Wealth Stars but have Poverty Stars – Generally, these people need a lot of help. They represent about 15% of Hoseiki customers. I know many people here will feel, do I fall in this category, don’t worry, I don’t think so

Triangle Theory

To complete building up your Wealth Stars, I want to teach you this special triangle theory. This method is only shared during my personal sessions, but I want to share it today. 

There can be many things a Feng Shui master can do, but of all the confusing services, it will always be connected to these three different services:

  • 1/3 Date Selection 
  • 1/3 Decision-making 
  • 1/3 Home Fengshui 

How do we then use these three methods to improve our wealth stars? Let’s talk more about them.

Date Selection

Date selection has been one of the oldest methods of improving wealth because it works. Many people do it, and usually, they look for me all the time for this. Even the Bible teaches us about timing.

In different seasons we do different things. It is more than just good days and bad days. There are also specific days to do particular things (Remove day or destruction day). The bigger the event on that day, the more significant the impact.

People frequently ask, How can we use date selection, especially if you have poverty stars, which means your chart is fraught with weakness? Occasions such as marriage, buying a house, or signing essential contracts are big decisions that affect our future. Choosing a suitable date for these events to foster can protect these critical decisions.

At Hoseiki, we charge SGD 188 for Date Selection. By working with different clients and seeing results, we can definitely say it’s worth it.


Previously we talked about the importance of finding out our own Bazi. We know it is essential for finding out the problems, but what about the solutions?

First, we should understand what luck is. Luck comes from interaction with another factor. Bazi cannot be changed. However, luck, in some ways, can vary depending on how you react to it.

Think of Bazi as a singular person. Luck interacts with another, making it two persons. Then Feng Shui comes in, making it interaction of three.

With luck, if you meet with something bad and you react positively to it, you will be able to change your luck. However, if you meet with something good but react negatively to it, your luck will be changed for the worse. 

The same happens if you meet negative people. Your luck will also be negatively affected by the same concept. In contrast, your luck will also be positively involved when you meet positive people.

So how do we identify negative and positive people? We can locate them through the things they say or the certain aura from them.

The easiest way to improve your luck through Bazi is first to understand your weakness. Then we should avoid people who bring out the worst in us. Going to people who bring out the best in us will significantly improve our luck.

Home Feng Shui Solutions

The last and most important portion of our discussion will be the home Feng Shui fixes for protecting your wealth stars. 

No matter what house you stay in, there will be areas of your home that will be affected by the Poverty Stars, and there will always be periods where your entire house is affected by major poverty stars. 

Like human beings, houses also have their own chart and luck cycle. Without a proper house audit, it will be hard for me to develop very effective solutions. However, what we can do today is to establish at least ways to improve the Wealth Stars and suppress the Poverty Stars with some suitable recommendations for everyone first.

Door Formation

The house's main door is vital because it is the house section that represents a person’s wealth potential. The size of the door will also matter since Chi can enter the premises and flow effectively, increasing the occupants’ wealth potential. The minimum size of Chi to travel is 80cm, maintaining its volume. However, this does not guarantee the quality of Chi.

There are many ways to improve the quality of Chi. First, we will discuss one method called Five Elements Door Formation.

This theory stems from the five elements theory, where Wood is the wealth element of the Metal. The door should be Metal outside and Wood on the inside as it signifies successful trades.

Reduce the Number Five Star

This year there is an issue with Feng Shui in all households. There are what we call Flying Stars. These Flying Stars are like a chart of the house, and like Bazi, there are original flying stars, period flying stars, and yearly flying stars. 

The yearly flying stars are like our year cycle in Bazi. If we look at 2022’s Flying Stars, we will notice two separate sets of colors: red and lighter colors. The red colors are the negative stars, and let’s look at a significant number, the number 5.

A quick tip for you, use metal coins in the center of the house to reduce the number 5 star. If you are experiencing extreme bad luck, you can place Himalayan salt in the center of the house. However, please do not use salt excessively, as it will reset your house’s energy. As much as it can reduce the bad, it will also reduce the good, so we try not to be too overly reliant on the use of salt to change a house’s Feng Shui.

To boost the wealth stars of the apartment, we can use Feng Shui items, plants formation, or fish tank formation. Every house is different and has to be handled differently. Hoseiki has a complete and very detailed way of doing house analysis. 

After finding out the wealth sectors of the house, we can activate them. There are seven different wealth sectors we can activate, depending on the structure of your home. However, we may not trigger all seven of them, as some houses have limiting factors. Nevertheless, only 1 to 2 activate successful sectors will allow you to see results.

The seven wealth sectors are:

  • Growth sector in
  • The same element of bundling 
  • An element that suits you 
  • Yearly Wealth Sector 
  • Na Jia (Heaven star sector) 
  • Research and Intelligence 
  • Auxiliary Wealth sector (Cai Ku) 

I may not be able to discuss them one by one deeply as it is very complex. However, if you are interested in a complete home audit, I can arrange it for you.

For landed property, I will also have a Zhen formation building. These Zhens will need a lot of time and will require some renovation. Dragon Gate Formation and 5 Ghosts Activation can be used to improve wealth. These methods are done on request only.


Now that we’ve finished everything we need to know about Wealth Stars, we will be moving on to the next topic on the next live stream. Do not forget to join us on Telegram so you won’t miss anything. You can also replay the whole episode of the live stream on this link.