This is the continuation blog of our first Hoseiki live stream on Facebook. If you’ve missed it, click here before you continue below.

Since this is our second live stream blog, we will continue to recap the topics we discussed on Facebook in this article to give you a quick summary and overview in case you missed anything.

Why We Do Streams

When Hoseiki started, it was all about building a passionate goal to help and inspire others. That’s why I’m very thankful for your support in our live streams.

The reason why we do the stream is to educate the right concepts about Bazi to other people. There is a lot of wrong information on Google that throws us off, so we thought having this stream would really help clear things up. 

Also, through the course of doing Feng Shui, I have met many clients and people who, if you don’t explain to them how things work, they will never change and be able to help themselves. So to supplement our Bazi sessions, we have this for people who wish to understand more.

Quick Recap

This is just a quick recap of last week’s stream. We’ve talked about how 2022 will be a stressful year since it has many greed stars. There will also be a rise in accidents, scams, and relationship problems. Furthermore, we’ve discussed the different types of Wealth Stars?

Do you all still remember the four different types of basic stars?

We learned that people who have the Direct Wealth stars have the ability to run and manage a business. Those who have the Indirect Wealth stars are great at spotting opportunities. People with Robbery stars are great recruiters and have excellent skills in motivating others. Lastly, those with the Friendship stars are highly likable persons with outstanding abilities in gaining trust.

Moving Forward

Now that we’re here where we went off last time, we will be discussing more about Wealth Stars. This will be the overview of what we’ll be going through in this article:

  • Are Wealth Stars truly Wealth Stars? What can they exactly do to us? 
  • How do we check for the quality of the Wealth Star? Is there any support for Wealth Stars?
  • How do we know if there are Poverty Stars that counterattack the Wealth Stars? Are there Negative Stars to negate the Wealth Stars?
  • What if you don’t have Wealth Stars? 
  • What if your luck cycle also doesn’t have Wealth Stars? 
  • What if you have these Wealth Stars, but you feel they are not activated? Is this possible, and why?
  • How do we use Bazi to help?
  • How do we use Feng Shui to help if the Wealth Stars are weak or not present?

What Can These Basic Wealth Stars Do For Us?

Wealth Stars helps us in three ways:

  • The Analogy of Seed (Idea) – Wealth Stars give us ideas to spark a new project.
  • The Energy to Complete Things – Wealth Stars makes us productive.
  • Wealth Stars give us the ability to form valuable friendships.

As you can see, these Wealth Stars help us in these three ways to grow as a person. As I mentioned, Wealth Stars allow us to get wealth. “Get” is an action word. You have to do something to get it. It does not help us to win 4D. 

For simplicity, we will not cover the Auxiliary Wealth Stars today due to the complexity of analyzing them.

How Can We Make These Stars Work In Our Favor?

Regardless of what Auxiliary Stars you have, the strategy is somewhat similar to making all the basic Wealth Stars or the auxiliary stars work in our favor. 

  1. You will need to identify your good stars first – This can be done via a professional Bazi reading where you analyze the person's chart and find out the helpful wealth stars.
  2. Then you will need to identify your Poverty Stars. 
  3. Then we will need to devise a plan to use the stars and focus our effort on building on them.
  4. Devise a plan to manage and reduce our Poverty Stars.
  5. Maintain an excellent home Feng Shui to hasten the process.

Finding out the cause of the problem is more important than solving the problem because you could be doing all the wrong things and solving all the wrong issues. 

So, is Bazi reading essential? Yes, because it allows you to clearly see the problem because we jump into other Fengshui improvements.

Why is it Important To Find Out About Your Poverty Stars?

It is essential because you can get wealth, but you can also lose wealth at the same time. Imagine you keep pouring water into a pail, but the water still keeps coming out, then there is no point in you pouring water in. It is just not efficient anymore. 

Poverty stars damaging the Bazi chart can cause what we call leaks. 

If you don’t have Wealth Stars, that might be worse. Poverty stars can cause what we call blocks. Then you will experience lack in your life. The next step is to devise a plan to improve. You always need a plan. The second key point is to focus. We focus on enhancing the Good Stars. Lastly, reduce the impact of the Bad Stars.

Quality of Wealth Stars

One of the most crucial factors of having a Wealth star is its quality. People can have many of these stars, but we need to analyze if it's poor in quality or not. Firstly, we must understand that it is not logical to use mathematical calculation in determining its quality. Second, we must remember that it is an art, and it takes a lot of experience to assess its quality.

Let’s have a few examples of what causes poor-quality Wealth Stars:

  1. A person with a strong Earth Daymaster has a natural Wealth Star in the element Water. If the Water element is on top or the Heaven’s Den, the Roots will either be Metal or Water. This makes the Roots weak, indicating three things: 
  • This person has a poor quality Wealth Star because despite having wealth opportunities, they are very lazy.
  • The person may have wealth opportunities too, but they are under extreme stress and cannot manage it, resulting in an inactivated Wealth Stars.
  • There are Wealth Stars on top, but the person may be very impatient, making them unable to persevere and can’t activate the Wealth Stars.

This is why we can have Wealth Stars in our chart, but we will still remain poor when the quality is poor.

  1. When a clash takes place on the Heaven’s Den, this is what we call a Heaven War. This indicates an obstacle that comes from our surroundings, making this a factor that affects the Wealth Stars. It can be in the chart or the Luck Cycle.
  1. The quality of the Wealth Stars can also be affected by Earthly Clashes. When you have a Wealth Star on Heaven’s Den, but there is an Earthly clash on the Earthly branch, this causes various personality issues that will destroy the person's wealth. These issues can be:
  • Jealousy
  • Unappreciation

When you have a jealous and unappreciative personality, you are born to fail, and you will be destroying all your Wealth Stars in the process.

Going back to Poverty Stars. They are not easy to spot because they represent a general weakness in the chart, but they can come in any form:

  1. Clashes
  2. Negative stars
  3. Unhelpful combinations

Poverty Stars and Situational examples:

  • Fear – Fear can be a possible poverty star. 

Previously, the market dipped in 2020. You were asked to invest, but you said times are bad. Maybe you want to hold it off. Then, when the market recovered months later, you lost out, and your friends who invested made a bit (or a lot of money), then you regretted not going in. And then you tell yourself, okay, the next time it dips again, I will buy, but the cycle repeats, and you never do it. 

How many of you know people like that? How does fear damage our wealth star? You want to go forward. Fear drives you back. 

  • Ungratefulness – Usually, this can be seen through clashes. Ungrateful people limit their wealth potential. 

I have met a lot of people in life who are highly ungrateful. Last time, I taught one of my staffs everything I knew. Then when I wanted to send him to study, he said he’ll think about it. Lazy, wants to get rich quickly but doesn’t want to work for it. Then when I sack him, he tells people that he is the reason the company has achieved success. It’s a joke. He is an admin staff. If you had been grateful, there would have been more advancement and opportunities. On the contrary, I have other workers who worked as junior staffs and are now senior managers. I enjoy promoting from within. I think it retains the culture and the values of the company.  

  • Stinginess or TXPY – They think they are genius, but they are losing out on the big picture. They always want to gain the smaller gains but miss out on building meaningful relationships. There is a difference between being too kind and being too stingy. You can be a fair person. If you can’t tell the difference, you are not mature. 
  • Illogical thinking – An example is a prayer. A lot of people don’t know how to pray. You go and pray for 4D numbers, a wife, or a boyfriend. But the offering is 200 SGD worth of prayer items. 
  • Greed – Going into the wrong deal results in money loss. You took a risk by agreeing to a contract with delayed payment terms, and the client didn’t pay.
  • Dishonesty – An example I can give is my previous business partners selling fake herbs. Dishonesty can limit your potential and wealth.
  • Lack of Focus – This can be a person that wants to do everything or has a false illusion about themselves.

Recently I saw an article about an HK actor saying he is more handsome than Ling Feng, but he doesn’t know why Ling Feng is more famous and more successful than him. Delusional. 

  • You are being too nice to family, friends, and colleagues.

This will also negatively affect wealth stars because we give in to many things that we probably shouldn’t. 

Problem and Solution

The summary of today’s lesson tells us that we can have Wealth Stars, but we will also need to learn to protect them from poverty. 

Wealth stars are present in the chart, luck cycle, and our house. Poverty stars as well. That is why home Feng Shui is so essential. HSK has a 33% theory (33% chart, 33% Feng Shui, and 33% hard work).

Next week, we will talk about Feng Shui for better Wealth Stars and Bazi.

Remember that we want to find out the problem first, which involves Bazi, and the solution often requires home Feng Shui. To review the whole live stream again, click here.

Thank you for tuning in, and we will see you on the next live stream.