For those who have watched our first Hoseiki live stream on Facebook and want a bit of a summary, you are in the right place. Let’s do a little recap of the things and topics we’ve tackled in this article.

The Wealth Stars in 2022

The Bazi system is a crucial method to use in order to break down and see the wealth stars correctly. It can also tell a lot of things, such as strengths and weaknesses, wealth potential, career, spouse, and children.

We can also use this method to read 2022 holistically. As we read it like it is a person, we also begin to understand what kind of year it is. Let’s recap a little bit.

As we break down 2022 and compare it to a person, we can see that it is a greedy one, bringing a lot of stress. However, it is a good year for careers since career stars are present, resulting in many opportunities that can allow us to advance further.

A specific factor why people are unable to advance is because their skillset does not fit. As much as there are a lot of opportunities around, we should match our skillset with them since people who faithfully spend time upgrading their skillsets have shown advancements in their careers this year.

However, it is generally a bad year because the wealth stars we talked about are actually greed stars, meaning they cause greed instead of wealth. If you cannot manage these feelings of greediness, your career can be badly affected.

Moreover, although there is a year element in Earth, many Wood elements further destroy the Earth element, resulting in Stress stars that cause a lot of mental pressure. Due to the clashing factors and increased stress levels, accidents, sickness, relationship problems, and fraud cases may also increase.

The number five disaster star is in the middle of the household, which means bad luck is possibly flowing and affecting all homes. A quick tip to reduce the effect of this number five disaster star is to use the six of coins in the center of the house.

Many of our clients became knowledgeable of this and became cautious, that’s why they are fine, but those who attended and listened during our seminar but didn’t practice caution have already suffered setbacks early this year.

Some of my clients have already been scammed lately. One client lost 60k from a crypto scam, while another lost 300k from a crypto money game scam. It’s a sad incident for them since they cannot recover the money anymore.

Yes, this happened because they are greedy and fall prey to scams. Remember, there are a lot of greed stars this year, and although there are wealth stars, you should manage them well to get the full benefits since they tend to spin out of control.

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Here at Hoseiki, we’ve already handled clients that went through difficult times this year. Two major scams, 16 divorce cases, and 12 minor accident cases. So as you can see, it is a hazardous year. 

We remind everyone to stay vigilant this 2022 and practice what you will be learning in this article. This can create a solid grounding foundation, just like strong roots planted in good soil.

Are Wealth Stars Real? Is Feng Shui Authentic?

Recently I have read an article that even the British royal family Fengshui their houses. It is accurate, and it is also widely accepted worldwide.

Previously when we wanted to start this business, many people discouraged me and told me I should only do it as a hobby.

As for Hoseiki, many of our clients often come to us only for one purpose: to find out their wealth luck. While that seems to be the most sought-after topic, I would also like to mention that it is not the only thing that makes our lives complete. I have seen many rich and unhappy people, although I have seen more people who are not rich and sad in my course of being a Feng Shui consultant. 

But today, I will stick to just the subject of wealth.

One of the determinants of wealth luck is actually the wealth stars. It is one of the most important factors of whether or not a person can get wealth and become rich.

However, what does the wealth star do?

Does it give us the ability to strike 4D? Does it command dollar bills to rain from the sky, or do they allow us to be more productive? Do they allow us to focus and manage a business well? Do they allow us to spot great investment opportunities? Do they let us be able to nurture valuable relationships so that we can turn them into meaningful partnerships?

What exactly are wealth stars then?

There are many types of wealth stars, just like there are many types of romance stars. Wealth stars are what give us the power to get wealth. The key is to “get wealth,” and “get” is an action word, which means you have to go and get it actively. Sorry for people who feel that wealth stars can let you strike 4D. It really can’t

There are four ways these basic wealth stars can work:

  • Direct wealth – this is the ability to run a business well. Usually, they are good managers and CEOs. An example is a very successful client who manages a vast agency, a very profitable business. She is an excellent businesswoman who has a strong sense of numbers.
  • Indirect wealth – this is the ability to spot business opportunities. Usually, promising entrepreneurs who can spot opportunities have this star. We have a client who is a crypto millionaire who is like that. Ten years ago, he went into Forex. Two years ago, he went into NFT when it was still unknown. Now he is a very important person in the field of cryptocurrency.
  • Robbery stars – People who have this are usually outstanding recruiters, leaders, and CEOs. I have a CEO client who has this star, and he motivated a staff who didn’t do well at an event.
  • Friendship stars – These are usually outstanding salespeople. Examples are top agents in Propnex. Our clients are the top agents in property and insurance, and almost all the top agents have these stars.

These wealth stars are what we call basic wealth stars. Which wealth star do you think you have?

How Do We Identify Wealth Stars?

The method we use to identify these wealth stars is called the 10 Gods method. 

There are also other wealth stars present in the auxiliary stars (Shen Sha):

  • Travel star – allows for overseas opportunities.
  • Wife star – a good wife.
  • Career star – a high-income career.
  • Business star – ability to use money to make more money.
  • Benefactor stars – ability to attract people to help you.

However, we will only focus on the basic wealth stars for today's discussion. I will find a chance to go through the auxiliary stars in the future when we have time.

We must understand that basic wealth stars can work for us, but they can also work against us.

The concept of 10 Gods doesn’t play like how it is named. These talents are your skill sets and not exactly your Gods. The Chinese just have a way of making everything sound wildly exaggerated, and therefore people tend to worship these Gods and talents.

With metaphysics, these are skillsets and can be turned to your advantage if you can control them. However, control will need a lot of willpower and is extremely difficult.

I have clients who want solutions to help them immediately. They want relief or wealth.

Previously I had a client who even told me that he wanted patience, and he wants it now.

This very dangerous mindset will cause some of these talents to flip on us. These talents can work for you and also against you.

A weak-minded person who lacks self-control will not be able to utilize direct wealth and indirect wealth. 

What exactly will happen is a loss of wealth when they lose control?

A person with too much self-element and self-confidence will not be able to control the robbery or friendship star. They will push away the right people with the right advice and mix with the wrong people who give them the bad advice because the suggestion sounds good; then, they will get into trouble because of their decisions. They will usually lose wealth because of the people around them.

Going through a Bazi consultation can allow you to understand the current wealth stars that you can control and work in your favor. It is always a priority to train these talents first before working on the rest of them.

It will be great for us to be good at everything, but we have to all agree that that is nearly impossible in this day and age due to competition and time constraints. Therefore my suggestion is just to focus.

I always tell people that Feng Shui is like insurance. You think you don’t need it until you need it.

There are three ways you can use Feng Shui, like insurance to protect yourself, and you will see how this relates to the wealth stars as well:

  • Personal insurance – finding out about your wealth stars and when additional wealth stars come can help you be prepared. If you know which wealth stars you are naturally good at, you can spend all your time focusing on them.
  • Couple insurance – Same thing here. How about your kids and your spouse? What are their talents, and what should they focus on?
  • House insurance – where is the wealth area of the house, and how can we use it to our advantage?

I spoke to many customers, and they will invariably mention that they have no budget for Feng Shui or Bazi. There is never a budget for Feng Shui and Bazi.

Will you have a budget for seeing a doctor? Discounts don’t work either

There needs to be a genuine interest in wanting to find out what is important to them.

Is it Possible to Have No Wealth Stars?

Let’s take a look at Two Case Studies:

  • Weak chart person with robbery star/ friendship star - similar to the self element is the robbery star. This is a chart of a very successful client who owns four different companies. He is an excellent leader who is very talented in recruiting people and able to sell a story well to the people, and that’s why people follow him.
  • Strong chart person with direct wealth - This person’s wealth element is the element he destroys. A very stingy young client and the second generation of a mega chemical engineering company in Singapore. They have many factories in China and are very good at running the business and controlling costs.

Going back to the question, is it possible to have no wealth stars? The answer is yes.

Can people still succeed without wealth stars? We will cover them in the next topic.

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