What is Wealth and Career luck?

It may sound straightforward but it really isn’t. If we were to ask you what exactly is wealth luck, what d’you think it is? Windfall or money? Striking the lottery on the next draw? Not exactly. Much like our previous blog post for the career paths of agents, another question that we’ve been asked a lot since we started is: How is my wealth/career luck? And what can I do to improve it? I’m pretty sure, from the frequency that I’ve heard this question from my trusted clients and customers, is that career and wealth luck are things many of us are deeply concerned about, myself included. But before we can move on and take a closer look at what they really are, we need to address our previous question first: What exactly is wealth luck, or simply, what is luck? Now, luck is NOT a free pass at work, nor is it a winning lottery ticket as well. (yes, as much as the connotation is there, it really, really isn’t!).

What luck really is, is based on your natural chart, as well as your luck cycle. Essentially your natural abilities and the influences during a particular period of your life will determine the quality of your luck. Or in layman’s term; Luck = Your natural abilities + your current/eventual circumstances. You may refer to the chart below for a more comprehensive explanation on what luck actually is. But now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s move on.


Spotting the stars

Now that we have a basic grasp of what luck is, let’s move on to what your wealth luck actually is. If you luck is determined by your natural abilities and your current/eventual circumstances, then your wealth luck is determined by your natural wealth star in your natural chart. It can also be determined by your wealth star in your luck cycle, or both as well. On the chart below, we will be able to spot the wealth star(s):

As seen above, the chat is of a Strong Yang Water male individual, with 3 wealth stars as represented by Bing (丙), Ding (丁), and an additional Ding(丁) in his luck cycle.


Wealth stars

Taking a closer look at what the wealth stars could possibly mean, would be that one would have the vitality to make money. Which means that one will have the health, energy or even an outgoing personality to meet people/client actively to close sales for their career. The ability to use money to make money would mean that one could have the acumen and opportunities to make/encounter the right investment opportunities to generate more passive income for themselves (mutual funds, stocks, bonds, real-estate etc.) They will also be able to be dynamic and quick-witted, able to respond quickly and adapt well to any changes they may face in their careers or the economy.

Having these traits will undoubtedly result in one being skilled in sales, finance, or networking. Or for some, skilled at all 3 of these competencies even. These are usually the determining factor of the general wealth a person will be able to amass.

Having these traits is one thing, but being able to strengthen them, or make up for them if you're lacking is another. Our bracelets from the Wood and Earth element grants one the acumen, wealth luck and growth to enhance one's own Career Luck.  

Career stars

Now that we’ve looked at wealth stars and wealth luck, what about career? Well, to see if a person’s career, or their choice of a future career fits them we will need to use a 2-step approach to determine this. The first step will be to determine one’s talent, which, as anyone can expect should make total sense when determining one’s career or career choice.

As seen in the talent chart above, we can see that a person’s talent in influence, wisdom and wealth varies in strength, and we will have to first determine which one is the strongest before determining its profile using the 10 Gods profiling method.

E.g. Favourable 劫 would mean one could be a strong motivator and hence, can be a good salesman or a strong team leader.


How to be successful?

In order to be successful, one of the most important and unsurprising criterions will be to have the right job fit for your talent or aptitude. If you’re in a job that doesn’t fit your talent, then you certainly wouldn’t need me or anyone else to tell you that its damn near impossible for you to be successful in your current field. Of course, there are many other factors besides the right job fit to consider in one’s readings how one can be successful. Factors such as:

  • Negative luck/stars affecting you
  • Combinations/clashes that poses potential risks
  • Relationship issues in the chart
  • Health issues
  • Personal choices
  • Home Fengshui
  • Spouse

All these are important and critical factors that can affect one’s success. All of these factors are covered in our detailed Bazi analysis for one’s route-map in life. If you’re uncertain or curious about yours, sign up for our detailed Bazi reading/analysis today, and make the first step in improving your life!