Improve Your Wealth Stars To Increase Wealth Luck

Having wealth stars are great but the first thing we will need to do is to protect our wealth stars from harm first before growing them. 

Do you know that there is a poverty star which will severely damage your wealth stars? 

Wealth stars can be affected by poverty stars, which can stunt the growth of our wealth potential. A good example of a talented man in the wrong field of work or an extremely talented individual with very bad temper. He will be like a good seed planted in snow during winter and the seed will not be able to grow, or a seed planted in autumn with no water to nourish it. Talent without opportunities will not give success. However in Feng Shui we do believe in creating our own opportunities.

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Let’s dive deeper on how we can strengthen our wealth stars and maximize them to our advantage.

If you do a Bazi consultation with Hoseiki, we will openly share with your how you can grow your talents in order to develop your wealth stars or which area of work or job you should focus on so that you can best activate your wealth stars. However, the million dollar question that I always get is this: 

What if I have no wealth stars, in my chart and in my luck cycle, what should I do then? This is an utmost unfortunate situation but fret not, other than our chart and our luck cycle and our year cycle, wealth stars can also be present in our property.

Method 1 - The Use of Good House Feng Shui

Wealth stars are present in ourselves and within our lives but we must not forget that they are also present in the properties we stay in. When there are no wealth stars in our chart or in our luck cycle, then we will need to use the wealth stars present in our property to help us achieve our wealth luck activation. 

Good House Feng Shui enables us not just to have a clean place but also a peaceful home to be in. Here are some additional benefits of good home Feng Shui:

  • It contributes significantly to our mental and emotional well-being.
  • It also allows us to have a safe and restful place, and it heightens up our immune system. 
  • Positive and loving energies could also be acquired through this excellent practice.

Maximizing the wealth stars of the house initially requires a feng shui audit to take away the negative forms that could be affecting our wealth sector. Forms activate stars, and similarly bad forms will destroy the good stars as well. If we don’t solve these negative forms, even after activation, they will negate all the good energy that the wealth star brings, resulting for these wealth stars to continually not work for you.

Next, we will need to locate the wealth stars using the flying stars method. The Property Wealth Star is the original wealth star of a property, while the Yearly Wealth Star is the wealth star for that specific year only. There are also other wealth stars or formations that we can activate which we can do for you but will require extra amount of work. You can enquire the prices directly with Master Chase on Whatsapp. 

Sounds a little complex, isn’t it? That’s why an experienced Feng Shui master is recommended for accurate and comprehensive findings. If you live in a good house and do not know how to activate the sectors to fit your natal chart, then it is like owning a great car but not knowing how to drive it properly. 

An effective Feng Shui Master will be able to activate all wealth areas within a house to maximize the wealth stars of the person and tailor them to his or her needs. 

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Method 2 - The Use of Our Abacus Bracelet

The use of our Abacus bracelets brings the essence of direct wealth into your hands, therefore it can improve a person’s wealth stars. 

Over thousands of years ago, the Chinese Abacus was used as a tool to account and calculate money, and ever since it became a traditional symbol of wealth and prosperity.

Here are some insights on how an Abacus helps in Feng Shui:

  • Buying a metal abacus gives birth to water, the element of wealth in Feng Shui
  • It can be used as a good luck charm, especially in businesses, when bought as bracelets.
  • Placing an abacus in the wealth locations of a home or an office could bring more money and prosperity to its owner’s life.

Our Abacus bracelets have movable beads and it can improve the energy (chi) of a person. Wearing an Abacus bracelet with the favorable element based on a person’s Bazi will further improve their wealth stars, boosting productivity and wealth luck.

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Wrapping It Up

Wealth luck can seem pretty random. It can seem pretty unfair when some of your school mates might be top executives or successful sales leaders and business owners even though you work just as hard as them. 

This might be the case of them having the Direct Wealth Star (正财) and the Indirect Wealth Star (偏财), giving them the advantage compared to other people.

If you feel like you are stuck in your career, activate your Wealth Stars by practicing Home Feng Shui best practices and wearing a favourable Feng Shui bracelet, customised to your Bazi! 

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