How to use the Feng Shui Flying Stars of 2022?


  1. Draw out or use the floorplan of your home or workplace.
  2. Using a compass, determine the cardinal points of the floorplan.
  3. Section out the floorplan according to the chart of the Flying stars of 2022.
  4. A quick note will be that the chart is drawn with South facing up rather than North.
  5. Overlap the chart of the 2022 Flying stars over the floorplan (with South on the chart over South on the floorplan).
  6. You will be able to determine the Flying stars you have in each room.

Positive areas in 2022:

Northeast - Flying star #8; Wealth energy


Flying star 8 of Prosperity will bring in wealth in 2022 in the North-Eastern area of your living space. This will be incredibly beneficial for those of the Dog and Pig Chinese Zodiac signs, the father figure of families and business leaders of both genders.

It brings in material and financial prosperity, generosity, diligence, perseverance, vitality, authority as well as the concern to improve one’s quality of life.

Charitable activities are in concordance with the vibration of the no. 8 Flying star; The more generous you are, the more rewards you will be able to reap.

Placement of plants or our Fengshui Tree in this sector in 2022 can improve business and career luck.


North - Flying star #1; Energy of success


Flying star 1 of the positive energy of success will focus on the Northern zone of working or living spaces. In 2022, this Flying star will aid people born in the year of the rat and tiger, as well as the young sons and men (20-30 years old) of families. 

In the year 2022, the Flying star 1 will bring unexpected benefits in personal development for those using the North area of the building, and for those who have the main door facing the North.

It is pertinent to wisely choose when its best to launch new projects and enjoy your life with your family as much as possible.

The north sector can be utilised for your work from home meetings to bring out its effect of Career Success in year 2022.


Southeast- Flying star 4; Annual star


Flying star 4 will bring the energy of love and creativity to the South-Eastern part of work and living spaces in 2022.

The star of academic luck or the star of romance will help people born in the year of the Goat and Monkey, mothers and grandmothers of the families.

The favourable energy of Flying star 4 will manifest by bringing luck in love, marriage proposals, and success in sentimental affairs.

In 2022, love for tradition, nature, beauty and authenticity will prevail.

Marriage proposals will be plentiful in 2022, but the true chances of success lie in the relationships being based on honesty, love and mutual trust and respect. You can use our Fire Tree in this sector to further improve relationships in 2022.

As this sector is also the academic sector for the year 2022, you can also place a pagoda in this sector to improve the rate of learning for new skill sets.


Northwest - Flying star 6; Annual star


Flying star 6 will bring the energy of luck in 2021, residing in the Northwest of the work/living space.

The star of divine luck will show particular favour to those born in the year of the Dragon and Snake, as well as the eldest daughter of the families.

The Flying star will bring divine luck, chances to improve one’s life and creative ideas, as well as to potentially gain more money and divine protection too.

Enterprising and hardworking women will have luck on their side. Reaching their ideals and having practical sense and solutions occurring when they least expect it.

The energy of divine luck is protected by the number 6. Playing a pertinent role in our universe.

The year 2022 will teach us that we need not struggle to make money, but rather, to connect to the best energies of the universe and to use them for the greater good.

The northwest sector is suitable for the placement of 6 coins or a fish tank to improve the energy of this sector in 2022.


South - Flying star #9; Annual star


Flying star 9 will bring either future prosperity or the energy of manipulation into the Southern area of the home or workplace. Having either a significant positivity or negativity in your life.

The star of future prosperity will bring great benefits to those born in the year of the Rooster, the youngest daughters and young women (18-25 years old) of families.

In 2022, it is auspicious to use rooms located in the South area to activate the beneficial energy of Flying star 9.

Escaping the daily routines and creating something pleasant for those around us while being wary of temptations; as   infidelity is sanctioned by stars in 2022. Flying star 9 will make communication incredibly important to the detriment of impulsiveness.


Negative areas in 2022

Centre - Flying star #5 (disaster); Annual star


Flying star 5 with adverse energy will attract bad luck in all domains of life. Whether in love, career, finances, and health, and it manifests itself in the Centre sector of living/work spaces. And those who placed their main door, bedroom or office in the Centre area of the building will be adversely disadvantaged.

The adverse star will affect those born in the year of the Rabbit, and the older sons of families, particularly, the first male child born in the family.

The influence of the star’s energy in one’s health can manifest under the form of severe sickness, lethargy, lack of appetite, unjustified spending for health; such as buying ineffective and expensive medicine as well as on inappropriate therapists etc.

Healing and recovery will only be possible if the source of the illness is understood and proper action is taken to eliminate them.

Activating one’s intuition is recommended as no. 5 Flying star brings healing potential if the proper measures are taken.

The vibrations of the no. 5 Flying star will bring misunderstandings and confusion to one’s emotions and mental wellbeing. It will be best to discuss and address any issues with one’s partner and to enjoy the family life. To reduce the number 5 star, the 6 coins or the salt lamp can be used.


Southwest - Flying star #2 (sickness star); Annual star


Flying star 2 with its negative energy will cause us to be vulnerable to illness, lethargy, emotional issues, loneliness, depression, distress and problems with socializing.

In 2022, we will need to pinpoint the mistakes we have made and what needs to be rectified and corrected in relationships.

The star of sickness will affect those born in the year of the horse, the middle daughters of families, and women between 30-45 years old. As well as those who have their main door, bedrooms, or office space on the Southwest side of the building. It will be best to adopt a healthy lifestyle and a positive mentality as well.

It is advised to avoid unpleasant situations and negative discussions as much as possible.

Health issues such as digestive problems, predisposition to gaining weight due to stress and muscular spasms could also potentially occur.

If the main door of one’s home is facing the Southwest, then all the occupants risk encountering such issues. This is why it is highly important to block these adverse energies with adequate Fengshui remedies.

For those who are affected by Flying star 2, we will strongly dissuade you from going through any surgeries whatsoever. Check your health more often, and improve your lifestyle and diet to avoid any potential issues.


East - Flying star #3 (disputes and legal issues); Annual star


Flying star 3 of negative energy leading to disputes and legal issues will manifest in Eastern areas of living/work spaces.

The star will adversely affect those born in the year of the Rat, the middle sons and middle-aged men (30-45 years old) of families. Salary payment issues, and unnecessary expenses for professional trainings will be likely to occur in one’s career.

Choose wisely. Avoid stubbornness, arrogance, communication issues at work and with co-workers. Aggression, lack of productivity and objectivity, as well as gossip, trouble with superiors, predisposition to exaggerate, envy, backstage games, power struggles, disloyal competition, manipulation etc. Are more noteworthy points to avoid.

Do not use the East areas of a building to avoid activating the energy of aggression and anger.

Success in one’s career can be improved by discussing with one’s life partner on any professional issues so as to discover new perspectives and solutions.

Being in a state of calm, caution, wisdom and diplomacy is strongly advised and best practiced in order to avoid and prevent conflicts with one’s superiors and co-workers.


West- Flying star #7 (Conflict); Annual star


Flying star 7 of negative energy that brings trouble in 2022 will position itself in the Western area of the work/living space.

The unpropitious influence of the theft star will generally affect everyone in 2022, regardless of Zodiac sign. Hence, it is recommended that we all take precautions so as to prevent any potential inconveniences that may be caused by thefts, accidents or money losses etc.

It will be best to be able to adapt to conjectures, and sudden situational changes. Sentimentally, there will be temptations and things will be different from before.

Under no circumstances whatsoever, is it recommended to borrow money in 2022.

The ultimate test in 2022 will be greed. Temptations full of traps will occur, and therefore, it is best to stay lucid, and to seek advice of specialists before making any commitments or deals. Drive safely and avoid night rides on dubious or shady side roads.


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