As a Feng Shui Master, I really love to go for house Feng Shui, and when I was invited to do it in a place called The Reflections in Keppel Bay, I got really excited. In this article, I will share why Feng Shui in this beautiful place is so good.

As we all know, we are currently in Period 8, and we will be turning into Period 9 in 2024. With this, the South area properties will not just increase in prices but will also go up in terms of Feng Shui value. In 2024, we will enter the Gua of Fire, which will trigger the southern part of Singapore to experience better Feng Shui than the other areas of this country.

To further give you an overview of the Feng Shui of The Reflections, we will be discussing below different parts of it and my home Feng Shui audit.


Initially, I wanted to explore the pool area. However, since it is raining outside, we will be checking the lobby first. With regards to appearance, The Reflection has a gorgeous lobby. It is surrounded by greenery, and it has a nice unblocked view. I’ve also noticed that every single building has water surrounding it. So we can definitely say that this is a good Feng Shui form. Technically, this can be called the Belt of Wealth because it has water protecting all the different areas of The Reflection.

Exploring the Unit

Living Room

The next area I explored was a particular unit of the place. A bright and spacious living room greeted me as I went inside. I realized that this is a South-facing house, which is rare and extremely good for home Feng Shui. As I was walking in this unit, I noticed that the walkway is spacious, which is essential since it improves the flow of Chi. The bigger the room, the more Chi flows.

Another tip we can share is to keep spacious walkways uncluttered because the Chi will need a space to accumulate and walkways are common areas they can gather and grow. This gathering space is often called Ming Tang, which translates to Bright Hall. Basically, this area is the first Ming Tang of the house, and from here, the Chi will be redirected to the living room.

There is also a great source of natural light on the left side of the living room, making the Chi accumulate much faster and increasing the positive energies in the living room. These positive energies usually make people feel like they want to be productive. 

Furthermore, the ceiling is absolutely tall, making more room for the Chi to flow and accumulate more. This means that the occupants of this unit will find it extremely enjoyable to make memories and spend time in the living room area. The living room will also give them better health and concentration.

Personally, I even enjoyed staying in this room as I studied the Flying Stars in the house. Then I realized that the first Wealth Sector of this house is right on the sofa of the living room as well, making it excellent to invite and gather guests over just to spend time and relax.

As I calculate some more, I found out that the second Wealth Sector of the house is just across from the sofa in the living room. Now that we know the areas of these two Wealth Sectors, the next thing to analyze is how to improve these sectors.

As mentioned above, inviting guests over is one way and using plants is also a great way to improve the Wealth sectors.


One of the most popular questions clients ask me is about the kitchen area. Which is better, open or no open kitchen? The most usual answer I tell them is when in doubt, no open kitchen.

Unfortunately, for this house, we have an open kitchen. However, it may not be affecting the flow of Chi too much and the occupants. I’ve noticed that the kitchen is pretty clean, which is a great sign. We’ve also asked the owners regarding cooking, and they shared that they only cook twice a week, which is another good sign Feng Shui-wise.

The thing about open kitchens is we have to ensure that the hygiene is at its optimum level because if this type of kitchen is dirty, it can contaminate the good Chi in the area and those in the living room. So there’s no problem if you have an open kitchen as long as it is always kept clean despite cooking activities done in the area so that we can maintain the good Chi inside the house.

Another thing we noticed in the kitchen is that the owners use an induction cooker. I highly recommend cooking with fire and a traditional stove because this helps improve the health of the female occupants of the house. Moreover, I wanted to find the stove's direction, and upon checking the compass, it seemed like the stove was pointing East. 

This direction is favorable for the stove because the East represents wood that generates fire, and the stove represents fire. Upon checking the five-element cycle, these two elements are beside each other, so there is no conflict or clash in any way. Furthermore, the stove’s direction helps in the health and career of the occupants living in the house.

The third thing we noticed in the kitchen is the sink that is rightly opposite from the stove. Most people would ask, is this a problem? One of the things we can do is measure the distance between the sink and the stove. 

Using my digital tape measure, we found that they are 1.219 meters apart. The minimum distance to keep these two apart is around 60 centimeters, so in this sense, we can indeed say that the sink and the stove do not affect each other at all. I also measure the height of the ceiling in the kitchen, and it is around 2.5 meters, which is a good height as well.


Earlier, we mentioned the spacious walkway of the house. Now that we know how important it is for Chi to flow and travel in walkways, I’ve measured the distance of the walls from each other. Ultimately, we need a minimum space of 1.2 meters. Upon calculation, the walls are slightly short of the optimum distance since they are only about 1.163 meters apart. Due to this, what we can do is to keep this walkway as uncluttered as possible to maintain good Chi flow and accumulation.


For the next part of the assessment, I inspected the bedroom. The main bedroom of the house is very spacious and highly likable. I noticed first that there is a lot of natural light in this area, which is really great for Feng Shui. 

If you can remember, we stated above that this home is a South-facing house. Upon checking, the bedroom is located in the Northwest sector. This sector is the most important sector of any property because a lot of energy enters here. That’s why many people associate this sector with being the Second Gate of Heaven. 

With this, the next question we should address is what can we do to boost this Second Gate of Heaven? One way is to increase the natural lighting of the area, which this bedroom already has. This helps boost the health and wealth of the occupants of this house.

The next thing to inspect is the issues that surround the bedroom area. Firstly, you will notice that as we enter the room, the bedhead direction is not in the right spots, which is supposedly on the walls where they placed the windows. The owners can't put the bed in the preferred areas because of those windows. 

Now, why is this an issue? According to the landform theory, having the bedhead in that particular area causes some stress since when you open the door, the bed should be diagonal across it, where the two windows are placed. 

Another issue I can find is the pillars of the bedroom. Though we cannot do much about them, it is crucial that we understand the impact of their placements. Since it’s too close to where the occupants are sleeping, it can affect them energetically by causing small stress elements. So what can we do?

I advise not to use the bedroom for work, so maybe we can take out the study desk outside to reduce the element of stress.

Lastly, I noticed an issue with the bedroom’s floor plan because of the slanted walls. This can affect the room as a whole. Unfortunately, we can’t do much about it since the building is built in that manner. Good thing that these slanted walls get natural light that helps reduce this bad Feng Shui form. 

I also highly suggest not to put furnishings that slant together in this area as it may trigger us to think a lot of activities in our minds that can appear negative. It may increase overthinking, making us productive but for all the wrong things. You can transfer the furnishings to the exact alignment as the door instead.

Overall Rating

As I explore The Reflections in Keppel Bay, I can say that everything is in good placement, from the building itself to the interior areas such as the lobby and the home units. I have an overall rating of 8 out of 10 since the flow and accumulation of Chi are great, and although there are some issues around, it is still manageable and fixable through good home Feng Shui alignment and practices.