Since we started with Hoseiki, our passion has always been to help our clients. Today, we have taken pride in sharing that we have reached 5000 professional readings and consultations. In line with this, we would like to celebrate this milestone by sharing insights, experiences, and lessons about Bazi on this blog.

Bazi Reading Analysis

Bazi reading is my passion and also my career. However, for beginners, learning about Bazi reading online can be daunting with so many different styles of readers and terms used online, and most importantly, different interpretations even on the same chart. While there is no one specific method that is universal for reading the Bazi chart, various readers have their own areas of expertise.

Bazi Reading Price

The price we charge for our Bazi reading in Hoseiki is $288 Singapore Dollars per person. The price range usually differs for different practitioners since it will depend on their experience and level of brand positioning. 

Hoseiki has a wealth of experience with more than 5000 professional Bazi readings and Home Feng Shui done. We believe in being client-centric and being able to solve problems for the clients. Regarding our services, we primarily cater to business owners and affluent working-class professionals.

Why Do People Read Their Bazi Chart?

Over the years, the usual main concern of our clients is primarily about career, relationships, and business. Some of them are finding the right career path. Others want to know about suitable investment instruments they could use and business partner suitability. We’ve also catered to inquiries about marriage counseling, couple suitability, and mediating divorce cases. Moreover, we also have experience with consultations about estate planning and asset allocation, as well as mediating lawsuits between business partners.

What Does Bazi Reading Help With?

On the contrary to common belief, reading the Bazi Chart doesn’t help us win the lottery, but it helps us in particular areas, which we will discuss below.

Using the ratio and dynamics of the 5 elements within our Bazi Chart, we can literally lay out a plan to create solutions for the areas of concern in our life, just like those concerns mentioned in the previous section.

Both Bazi and Fengshui are part of the 5 Arts of Chinese Metaphysics.

Bazi is an art used in one of the 5 Arts of Destiny Reading.

It is mainly used to improve a person’s character through self-cultivation by understanding one’s strengths and weaknesses and then formulating a suitable strategy to attain improvements and enlightenment, not precisely forecasting a person’s destiny entirely.

Bazi and Fengshui – The 5 Arts of Chinese Metaphysics

The first art of Chinese Metaphysics is Destiny reading, and Bazi provides the core fundamentals for it. By using the birth date and time, this type of reading will be able to guide clients on their strengths and weaknesses and how to manage different situations in their lives effectively.

Next is Feng Shui. This contributes to a person’s life by using the land's energy to harness and improve luck and well-being. It also uses formation and location to improve the flow of positive energies, increasing wealth and prosperity.

The other one would be the Face and Palm reading. From its name, the reading will be based on the person’s palm and face. The Face reading is usually done by analyzing the different sections and elements of the ace, such as the shapes of the facial features. For the Palm reading, it is generally used to determine a person's road map, such as their thoughts, emotions, history, and personality.

The fourth one is Divination. This is the art of using metaphysics to make the right life decisions or oversee the causes or hidden significance of certain events in one’s life.

For the fifth and last art of Chinese Metaphysics, we have Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is an ancient system that addresses the person’s health in a much more holistic approach. Some of these methods include the use of herbs or acupuncture.

Bazi Chart Interpretation - How To Read A Bazi Chart

Most people will go and plot their Bazi chart by the use of online software or websites. Although there are dozens of good Bazi Calculators out there, what good would generating many Chinese characters do without knowing how to interpret them?

More than 561,000 combinations of Bazi can possibly be formed, and even after forming the chart, there are still other factors that can affect the reading of a person’s luck. These factors include their family upbringing, friends, spouse, home and office Feng Shui, and other life-changing decisions they make in their lives.

It is simply not so easy to read a Bazi Chart. However, Bazi gives an excellent macro view of how our lives should be. From this view, it becomes easier to develop strategies to overcome life’s challenges.

Some online Bazi Calculators and practitioners who do not meet clients personally but choose to do email or WhatsApp readings will often fall into the trap of generalization.

Bazi chart analysis and interpretation is both a science and an art. In Hoseiki, we believe in asking the right questions to get to the truth.

The power of questioning is significant because, in some cases, people react differently from their Bazi Chart. Without proper questioning techniques, we can't tell these nuances from just an email accurately. That’s why in Hoseiki, Bazi reading and analysis should be a conversation instead of just a simple transfer of knowledge and information.

Bazi Chart Analysis - The 10 Daymasters

The first step in understanding the Bazi Chart is to know our Daymaster. 

Many people will say I am a Fire, I’m a Water, or I’m a Metal, but are they indeed?

Pillars of Destiny 

The Bazi chart is divided into four pillars, and we often call them the Pillars of Destiny. 

Each of these pillars represents a particular mark in the calendar, like the year, month, day, and hour. 

Some people have erroneously gotten this information from different articles they randomly searched online and used the year pillar to find out their element.

Reading a Bazi Chart and doing a proper Bazi Analysis is first to identify the Daymaster. When calculating for Bazi, we use the element at the top of the “Day Pillar,” calling this the Daymaster. 

Depending on the Daymaster, a particular foundation in our personality forms. There are 10 Daymasters in total, 5 elements and Yin and Yang for each. 

This is a summary of the 10 Daymasters and the usual foundation of the personality of each:

Yin Earth

People with a Yin Earth Daymaster are creative individuals with many identified and unidentified talents throughout their lifetime. Their positive attitude radiates around that they can turn the worst situations into good ones. These people work gracefully under stress and handle last-minute changes of plans easily. However, they don’t realize their worth most of the time. They may need to be pushed to see and achieve their fullest potential. Moreover, these people also tend to be sacrificial and go the extra mile to make those around them happy. You may develop a solid parental instinct with a strong sense of care and concern, putting everyone first and taking care of them.

Yang Earth

People with the Yang Earth Daymaster are one of the most loyal people in this world. They are born reliable with a high level of trustworthiness in them. In addition, these people are pretty understanding and down to earth. They are solid in sticking with their principles and beliefs and are realistic and many ways. However, these people may be emotional, stubborn, and procrastinate a lot.

Yang Wood

People with the Yang Wood Daymaster are straightforward and blunt. They do not sugarcoat what they want to say that sometimes it comes as offensive or insensitive, despite having the best intention. They are strong and protective characters that will always be there for you when you need help. In addition, they are also determined individuals that do everything to achieve what they put their minds to.

Yin Wood

The Yin Wood Daymaster is intertwined with calm, soft, and obedient people. They are well-mannered, brilliant, and knows how to charm their way by just talking. These individuals are team-spirited and know when to decide or compromise for the common good. They are also often tidy and elegant with how they present and carry themselves. However, these people tend to be melodramatic and may want to seek attention and approval in certain situations.

Yin Fire

The Yin Fire Daymaster is frequently found in charismatic and poised people. They usually like leading the way and sharing what they believe in to help others find the right path. They are kind and loving, but sometimes, they can be a little too temperamental and needy. They can also be unpredictable and occasionally volatile with their emotions, making them hard to engage with easily.

Yang Fire

You can expect people with Yang Fire Daymasters to be dependable and supportive. They are often optimistic, expressive, and like to stick to their habits and routines. However, they may dislike unplanned moments and last-minute changes, making them miss out on new experiences and adventures because they tend to stay in their comfort zones.

Yang Metal

Despite having a tough and fierce appearance, people with the Yang Metal Daymaster are kind-hearted and loving. They take pride in their perseverance and hardworking characteristics in achieving their goals. These people are authoritative, systematic, and responsible. However, they can be impulsive in making decisions and may display arrogance and over-competitiveness.

Yin Metal

The Ying Metal Daymaster is often found in people who enjoy showcasing their talents and skills. Words of affirmation are their love language, and they love receiving praises and compliments from others. In addition, these people are sleek, meticulous, and hold themselves in high esteem. They are resourceful and intelligent. However, their personalities could be manipulative and controlling without balance and being mindful.

Yin Water

With a Yin Water Daymaster, these people are likely to be sparkplugs and inspire others to grow and nurture their own success. They are wise, open-minded, versatile, and empathetic. These people are also full of ideas and creativity. However, they may lack focus and consistency and be slightly invested in their emotions too much.

Yang Water

People with Yag Water Daymasters are active and dynamic. They are often focused and always have big dreams. These people are resourceful and intelligent and usually have an entrepreneurial mindset. Moreover, they love participating in events and activities where they can showcase their abilities. However, they may be unsure of what they really want to do in life and are easily influenced by others. They can also be moody and easily distracted.

Bazi Chart Analysis - Strength of the Daymaster

We always encounter a common question: Does the 10 Daymasters determine my entire personality? Well, if only reading a Bazi Chart was so easy, we would no longer need Feng Shui masters. A small guidebook on the 10 Daymasters will do. However, you may deviate from what is written as the norm for your Daymaster.

This is because of your Daymaster’s strength.

For context, a Fire element Daymaster can be cold and unsympathetic. A wood element Daymaster can be harsh and impatient. A Water element Daymaster can also be the worst strategist ever. All these depend on the strength of the Daymaster.

The calculation of the Daymaster’s strength can be one of the most challenging jobs in Bazi. There are more than 30 different techniques people use. Generally, various schools of Feng Shui use these different methods for this calculation. The more you learn, the more confusing it gets, and with all the overload of information you can find online, it often makes it worse.

I highly recommend leaving this part to a trained consultant. Otherwise, a mistake in this portion will result in the entire chart being read differently. 

Bazi Chart Analysis - Interaction of the 5 Elements Within the Bazi Chart

The key to understanding the Bazi Chart is to analyze how the 5 elements interact with each other in detail.

For example, elements clashing with the spouse star will cause an unhappy relationship. In comparison, elements that build the spouse star can help improve the spouse relationship.

We will share more on the different case studies later in this article.

What makes Hoseiki different from our competitors is our solid data analytics in using our case studies to improve the quality of our readings. Each reading is also a detailed conversation with solutions tailored to our client’s needs.

Bazi Chart Analysis - Combinations Within the Bazi Chart

The Bazi Chart has combinations too. They are not just a set of characters that are fixed. Certain elements will combine with other elements during particular years or luck cycles to form another one. These different combinations will give birth to new interpretations within the Bazi Chart, such as aiding a person or hindering them in reaching new heights in life.

Bazi Chart Analysis - Clashes Within the Bazi Chart

Like combinations, clashes can also occur in the Bazi Chart. This can result in unrealistic life expectations, bad temper, anger management issues, unhappiness, pain, and loss of a loved one.

An example is someone who has clashes found at their career pillar. This person might constantly meet obstacles in their work or career and find it challenging to get things done.

Bazi Chart Analysis - Bazi Luck Cycle

The Luck cycle found in the Bazi chart changes every ten years. Going through a good luck cycle bears rewards that could be permanent, and similarly, going through a bad luck cycle also leaves permanent scars.

Each year will also have a different year cycle.

As luck cycles and year cycles are consistently changing, Bazi reading is highly complex as it is also dynamic and constantly evolving. How we react to the luck cycle sets off a chain reaction that will affect the rest of our luck moving forward, much like the movie The Butterfly Effect. 

Bazi Chart and the Zodiacs

As mentioned above, Bazi Analysis is much more complex than just the simple zodiac analysis we often find on google.

The terms Fire Rabbit or Water Dragon might come to mind, and these terms mean very little when trying to read a Bazi chart.

If you have a consultant who uses these terms as a free cannon and tries to convince you that it forms an integral part of your Bazi, you should be very concerned.

Bazi Analysis Report

In Hoseiki, a report will be generated at the end of our Bazi reading session and will be given to clients. This allows clients to see an overview of their chart and a roadmap of their life.

Using the Bazi Chart to Discover Our Talents, Strengths, and Weaknesses

The most essential part of Bazi analysis and chart interpretation is to find out our talents, strengths, and weaknesses.

Although gifts and talents are bestowed upon us at birth, it still depends on our personal choice.

To find your true direction in life, we recommend you to ask these questions:

  • How can you use your gifts?
  • What choices should you make?
  • Will inertia be your guide, or will you follow your passions?
  • Will you follow dogma, or will you be original?
  • Will you choose a life of ease or service and adventure?
  • Will you wilt under criticism, or will you follow your convictions?
  • Will you bluff it out when you’re wrong, or will you apologize?
  • Will you guard your heart against rejection, or will you act when you fall in love?
  • Will you play it safe, or will you be a little bit swashbuckling?
  • When it’s tough, will you give up or be relentless?
  • Will you be a cynic, or will you be a builder?
  • Will you be clever at the expense of others, or will you be kind?

Structuring strategies based on your answers to these questions will tell us how best you can use your strengths to reach your life goals.

Charting using the Bazi is simply a process of finding out the best path to live our lives and not so much of trying to flip the ending of a book and knowing the results of what is to come. 

Bazi Compatibility Case Studies

In Hoseiki, we will often have clients asking questions about compatibility in Bazi. To share a few insights, these are the areas of compatibility that they are usually focused on and interested in:

Bazi Compatibility in Career – Finding out the right career path

One of the most asked questions about this subject is: What career will best suit me?

Despite being commonly asked, this inquiry is not easy to answer. We used to think that different jobs can be divided into elements using their industries, but it's currently challenging to tell. Jobs are complicated and are often involved in a range of various elements.

For example, a cryptocurrency trader working as a client-facing manager could be using Fire, Water, and Metal element in his job role.

This needs a more profound analysis in Bazi to see if the skill sets fit, which usually involves that of a trained Fengshui Consultant. 

For Hoseiki, we have worked with many companies to restructure job roles and make them more exciting and challenging for their employees. HR structuring is one of the critical things we do, and it shows how powerful and valuable Bazi can be even in a corporate setting because of the size of these projects.

We have used these methods to help companies hire the right people for key roles in the companies. 

Bazi Compatibility in Investments – Suitable Investment Instruments

A person’s Bazi chart needs to suit their investment instrument.

For example, a stressed person cannot take too many risks, or a person with good luck can no longer afford to take risks. Some people should be making first-hand efforts for their investments to work, while others are more suitable to run or invest their time in businesses instead.

By going through this compatibility analysis, we will understand that using the suitable instruments will help you attain your financial goals faster without too much stress and burden.

This is a common method used for the financial planning process of some of our clients. A structured financial planning portfolio with managed risks and returns will help them to focus on the things that truly matter in their lives like their businesses, their career, and their family. It can be said that time is the only finite resource in our lives and a proper structuring of financial planning using modern Bazi techniques can help us to make the right decisions that fits our personality even before the key events of our lives happen, like injury, sickness or death of our loved ones. 

Bazi Compatibility in Business Partners – Business Partners Suitability

In choosing the right business partners, it is vital to check the quality of their Bazi. Seeing their elements or zodiac will not tell us much about the person’s suitability. However, from a viewpoint, we must see whether their skill sets and personalities are a good fit as our business partners.

For example, if one of them is good in finance and the other is good in product development and sales, and both their chart quality is decent; therefore, they are honest people with good characters.

We don’t need to tell you the problems of working with bad partners and I’m sure they are everywhere, spending a small amount of money to check out their Bazi chart is a good investment for anybody going into a business venture that requires a high level of commitment. 

Bazi in Romance Compatibility – Checking for Couple Compatibility

Over the years, checking couple compatibility has been a prevalent request in Hoseiki. In fact, we receive a lot of these inquiries every week.

In this type of reading, we usually check if two people are suitable for one another before they actually tie the knot. We would know if there is indeed compatibility if we see in the chart that they are capable of understanding each other better to create a plan of peacefully living together and growing together as a couple.

Bazi Compatibility Used in Marriage Counseling

This type of reading usually focuses on the problems of couples. Sometimes we address the unspoken, like money issues.

In one of our cases, we have a husband who’s angry at his wife for spending too much on her sister. Now, there’s nothing wrong with giving, but we should give within our means.

If you keep giving to others but spend too little for your own family, then what is the good in that? If you need more money to give to others, why aren’t you working but using your husband’s money instead?

Through this type of reading, it addresses issues in our hearts. Giving doesn’t always mean we are kind. Sometimes, we give because of the insecurities in our Bazi chart, and in this case study, this is indeed the situation. All of these can be explained by the patterns of the 5 elements within their chart.

Bazi Compatibility Analysis in Mediating Divorce Cases

In Hoseiki, we help clients get out of divorce cases “alive.” We usually read the charts of both parents and children and see the best outcome that will fit everyone’s needs. 

The parents might not be having an affair resulting in divorce, and in these cases where there is no obvious right or wrong, mediation with Bazi reading can be pretty complicated.

With Bazi reading, we understand their needs even without them saying. Therefore, helping clients to the fullest, as most requests, are hard to put across in words and are better told by another person.

For example, not everyone wants to take care of their kids, and many decisions in the family are made out of pride and anger.

Bazi reading gives a more macro perspective of things, making us further understand their current situation, the factors that contributed, and how the whole family can move forward in the best way possible.

Bazi Compatibility Analysis in Mediating Lawsuits Between Business Partners

This type of reading works similarly to mediating divorce cases, except the issue is between business partners. We usually hear things aloud with money concerns, and we find paths to prevent further misunderstandings between both parties, creating a win-win situation using the Bazi chart.

Bazi Compatibility in Estate Planning and Asset Allocation

In this type of service, we use Bazi for financial planning. The most powerful tool we use is focusing on knowing the luck and luck cycle changes. We use it to our advantage for retirement and estate planning. We also read the children's chart, if there are any, to help plan the legacy and asset allocation of our clients.

A case study we can share is one of our clients. A rich man with three children is fighting because of three properties. All these properties are of different values. We often read their Bazi charts to see who is the most capable of taking over the family business. While the rest only receives a salary and a smaller portion of shares. This will ensure the sustainability of the business and steady income for the family.

A common way to split all the properties 3 ways is almost always a bad idea as not everyone is capable of asset management and the property might be quickly squandered away. A business then is much worse. Dividing all the assets 3 ways in this case will be an extremely simplistic solution that will surely result in a financial disaster for this client. A proper reading of the chart however will yield a better result. 

To Know More

So that concludes everything you need to know about Bazi Reading. We continue to give out Free Bazi Chart readings on our website, and if you’re interested in looking through our other blogs, you may click here. For more Feng Shui tips and exclusive updates, make sure to join our Telegram so you won’t miss anything.