This blog is the part two summary of our Benefactor Luck Seminar. For those who want to view our part one blog, click here. Previously, we’ve talked about Benefactors and their different types. Now, let’s proceed with knowing our benefactors.

It is not as straightforward as we have mentioned in the previous streams because they often do their jobs in our lives without announcing their arrival and most probably leave without us even knowing.

The next best definite thing that we can do is identify who is not our benefactors. This can save us a whole world of pain and trouble.

Wrongly Identifying People as Our Benefactors Has Consequences

Romance Luck

When we meet someone, and we believe that they are the one just because their element matches ours, we sometimes might wrongly get into a bad relationship which can cost us time and money. We often hear stories like the Tinder Swindler, and we think it only happens on TV. However, that’s not true. It also happens in real life. We have a client who trusted the wrong person and lost 300k. Spouse pillar also trusts people easily. An example is a strong water person. During a water year, they may meet someone and get cheated by that person in the relationship.

Wealth Luck

Trusting the wrong person because they have a proven track record, seem to have helped you before, or are friends of your friends can be problematic. Trusting people is fine, but trusting them as a benefactor might be too much.

Dishonest partners who have cheated before and some agents have told me about horror stories of being backstabbed or having deals stolen right below their noses. These agents do have a lot of drama about wrongly identified benefactors, not just business people. 

Career Luck

Sometimes doing the wrong things in your career and trusting the wrong people can also destroy your career luck.

An example is a friend who has helped you before. You tried to help them back, but in turn, they backstabbed you to the boss, and you ended up having to leave your job because they refuse to step forward and speak up for you.

The same story has happened to one of my clients in the consulting business, and he lost an extremely high-paying job because of this.


Trusting the wrong person can also result in lawsuits.

We have heard of divorce cases happening because the husband was good to the wife, but after ten years, things changed, and this “benefactor” somehow changed, and it became a period of loss of finances for the wife who had to go through lawsuits to settle the divorce.

Women might not always come to the winning end, especially if their luck is bad and they care too much to let go.

Another example are friends who agree on a business can also turn sour if the Bazi of the key people in their lives are not vetted carefully.  

Myths About the Benefactor

People think that they can identify their benefactors through various methods. However, there is no right way. They don’t have a tag that says “benefactor,” but we sure can tell you what identification methods don’t work.  

The lure of instant gratification and easy-to-work solutions are very tempting. That’s why superstition is going so strong nowadays.


The first myth that we are going to debunk is the Zodiac myth.

One zodiac that matches with another doesn’t work.

When I was at a friend’s office, she told me that she is a Dragon and can’t talk to people of the Dog, Dragon, and Tiger zodiac. I almost bursted out laughing because she graduated from a University. This method of telling your benefactors or Xiao Ren is entirely not accurate. So next time you come to me for Bazi, please do not tell me about this anymore.

Now, what are Zodiacs? These are not real animals, but they represent a particular part of the calendar. Zodiacs are found at the bottom of the Bazi chart and the Chinese calendar.  They are used to match with another element on top for proper readings. Zodiacs are also found when you look into a Chinese compass and they are also used as part of telling directions.

Some Zodiacs supposedly match with another, and some clash with another. However, in the case of Bazi, the Zodiac is beyond that.

An example is, Oxes are hardworking, but there are also lazy Ox people. I’m sure you have seen or know someone. The same thing with intelligent Rats, there are naïve ones as well.

The Zodiac tells so little of the Bazi that it literally doesn’t mean anything.

If the Zodiac works, you technically don’t need Feng Shui or even an app, just do a simple table and write it out, then use it to vet your boyfriend and hire for your company.

So, since this method doesn’t work, let’s stop using it.

Combination Theory

Let’s talk about Yin Wu Xu. A Tiger, Dog, and Horse combination forms even more Fire. So does it mean that they are great friends and might be your benefactors since they combine? The answer is no. The formation of elements is a complex Bazi theory. During a particular season or time, these zodiacs will form another element.

Yin is Tiger, which is Wood. 

Wu is Horse, which is Fire.

Xu is Dog, which is Earth.

During the season of Fire, these three will form more Fire. 

The combination theory has a nice Chinese name called 3 He and 6 He, which can be directly translated into the auspicious 3-combination or the auspicious 6- combination. 

In Chinese, the name is also the same as the lottery. Despite it being auspicious, it can actually be bad for you.

For example, for a weak Metal individual:

When Fire destroys their self-element, once Yin Wu Xu is formed, it will cause a formation of Fire. Which then will ruin and weaken their element, causing oppression and obstacles for the owner instead of an auspicious event.

There are many other combinations like that, and the purpose of these combinations is to explain formations that take place during special seasons, and not to see if they are your benefactor.

If you see a practitioner who tells you otherwise, you should be very concerned.


Many people claim that the horoscope works, but does it?

The horoscope is a large portion of the Bazi chart at about 40%, but it does not tell whether or not the horoscope is favorable for you. For example, for some Virgo people, their horoscope pillar will be the zodiac of Monkey, a Yang metal element subset. However, we will have to read further to analyze if this metal element will be favorable for you or not.

Therefore, this method of reading to find the benefactor also does not work.


Many modern Feng Shui masters have popularised this method because it allows people to simply understand their own Bazi chart. Although it is minimal, it provides some insights for beginners of Bazi.

The problem with this method is that it should be used for personal readings and not comparing across different people.

The Daymaster is even limited when it comes to reading for yourself.

You can be a Water element yet lack strategy, or you can be Wood but lack patience. It is not as simple as just reading the Daymaster. Bazi is a lot more complicated.

Xiao Ren (Naysayers or Backstabbers) 

Now that we are done debunking myths let’s move on to Xiao Ren.

Many people come to us saying that they have a lot of Xiao Ren in their lives. Similar to wealth stars, there are also poverty stars in our lives which affect the effectiveness of wealth stars. And in the case of benefactor luck, there are also Xiao Ren or Backstabbers who will reduce the effectiveness of benefactor luck. 

Wanting to get rid of Xiao Ren is one of the keys that Feng Shui wants people to have when they come to look for solutions. 

What they can do is they can potentially wreck your life with gossip, backstabbing moves, curse you, or even maliciously plan and execute your downfall, usually due to hate and jealousy.

Why are Xiao Rens Attracted to You?

  • Being too successful and people being jealous – Very seldom the super successful people are people pleasers. They are usually very focused, but then they are not as affected by Xiao Ren. 
    Many of Hoseiki's clients fall under this category, especially top agents. When I tell people about these clients, some of them will say bad things about them, and sometimes I wonder if these stories are true. Success will definitely breed Xiao Ren.
  • Strong Chart – Another type of person who attracts Xiao Ren are people with strong charts. They are too firm, and they tend to only focus on themselves. They are not that sensitive to the people around them and they simply do not care.
  • Too Much Talent But No Wealth Luck – There are certain kinds of persons with many talents, but these talents tend to clash. Intelligence clashes with authority, and challenging the authority usually results in people hating them and destroying their relationships.
  •  Unfavorable Wisdom – It doesn’t mean that people who have this trait are stupid. This star makes them always say the wrong things and offend people. However, they don’t mean it. They just like to fix and find out what is wrong and whistle blow. In doing so, sometimes they hurt the people around them.
  • Unfavorable Authority – There are two types of people under this category: A person who has a strong chart with unfavorable wisdom and a person who has a weak chart without a wisdom star. These two types cannot handle authority well. They will tend to buckle under pressure and give signs of anger or frustration. People who don’t understand what they are going through might also be offended.
  • Clashes (Bad Personality) – These people have unrealistic expectations. They usually put pressure on others. They have a terrible temper. Usually, they get angry quickly but also forget easily. However, people don’t always forget what this person did when he was angry. Another example is people who don’t see eye to eye and want different things in life. This causes arguments, and they might backstab you because you do not stand with them.
  • Bad House Feng Shui – A few examples are slanted doors. These are Xiao Ren that spoils a family’s harmony. Another one is circular shapes that are considered romance-related Xiao Ren. Also, when a missing sector is in the North direction, five ghost sectors are activated, and five ghost directions. These can all attract Xiao Ren in your home, resulting in a decrease of the benefactor luck’s effectiveness.


On the next live stream is part three of our Benefactor Luck Seminar. We will talk about solutions and more tips when it comes to Xiao Ren and increasing our benefactor luck. Do not forget to join us on Telegram so you won’t miss any exclusive advice, services, and updates.