A Family Tragedy

Many have been fans of his superb skills on the football field. He was one of the best midfielders that ever graced the green grass. However, after retirement, he seems to be always in the news for the wrong reasons. Ryan Giggs, a famous football player, was recently in the news after being charged with domestic violence. In an interview, he admits his infidelity and that he was addicted to having many multiple affairs, and that he could not control his behavior.

His chart reveals a lot of relationship issues and a very high sex drive. He is a Yin Earth Master Element with an unhealthy amount of Water element. Water, the natural wealth element to Earth, represents women and the sex drive of a male Yin Earth person. While wealth stars can mean wealth luck, we will need to see if the wealth star can be controlled by the earth element or not. In this case of excessive wealth stars with uncontrollable water, it will mean that the wealth stars are causing disruption to his personality, giving uncontrollable desire to have many female companions in his life.

Unfavorable wealth stars can be difficult to analyze and can cause multiple problems for a person. Two Yin Water on the Heaven Stem of his Bazi Chart represents a strong and outward desire towards having multiple partners, which are the critical issue here causing the breaking point in his family life. The Water is further supported by a Metal combo between Snake and Ox at the Earthly Branch. This gives support to the water elements and makes the negative water even stronger. The lack of wood and fire also shows that the chart is very cold, which shows that he also has a strong desire to be loved. When he feels that he couldn’t get the love and concern from his home, it is likely that he will look elsewhere to fill the gap.

Not to forget that the Pig is also clashing against the Snake element, the useful branch in his chart. While the Snake is supposed to provide Fire and support Yin Earth, it is neutralized by the excessive Water and Metal combination with Ox. This causes almost no counter to the strong water elements within the chart and therefore no easy remedy for his addiction.

Since the Snake (Spouse Pillar) is badly clashed, he also has issues expressing his feelings to his spouse. The misunderstandings further compounded by his affairs have resulted in extremely unhealthy family life. The day branch (Snake) represents his relationships and is in bad shape, clearly indicating that he has a lot of issues in that area of life and is manifesting strongly through different kinds of problems. 

Unfavorable wealth stars could also affect his career, but fortunately for him, he is undergoing earth luck, which gives a lot of strength for him to overcome his water element, which is why he still has good wealth luck despite having multiple issues in his personal life.

As he progresses in his career, and as he shifts into a good luck cycle with good wealth luck, he has also progressed in his life as a businessman to capitalize on this change. This goes to show that despite our natural talents shown on our original chart, our luck cycle can also play a part in how our talents and careers will evolve.

Final Thoughts

For anyone going through a similar luck chart and luck cycle, it is important to note that the luck cycle will not last forever and while you are having relatively good luck, it is important to exercise self-control to maintain a cordial relationship within the family, to build up a strong foundation for when the luck cycle changes in the future.

We might be wondering, what about our own chart? Do we have good luck at business? How about our luck with our family? Sometimes having a clear idea can allow us to plan well in advance, avoiding the pitfalls that could happen if we simply let nature takes its course. 

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