The GOAT’s DNA and What Makes Him Tick

Roger Federer: The Greatest of all Time (GOAT) retired recently, having won many grand slam titles.  Federer has been at the top of tennis for the past two decades. The Swiss star was known for his incredible footwork and defensive prowess on the court, which allowed him to dominate matches from the back of the court - something that is rare for players who rely heavily on their powerful serves or forehand shots like Federer does.

Even without an idea of the hour that he is born in, he has great intelligence in his chart in that of the Yang Fire element, which is his unconventional intelligence star. There is a lot of intelligence in his chart, which also meets creativity and, in that combination, gives him great wealth, which is further supported by the metal element denoted by the Yang Metal Shen in his chart’s earthly branch. 

Luck Cycle in Bazi Chart before 20 years old

In his earlier years, he had excellent learning abilities and good benefactor luck, denoted by the wood element in the heaven stem and the goat zodiac in the earthly branch, this is found in his luck cycle. This allowed him to excel from a very young age.

Luck Cycle in Bazi Chart During His Career

There is a star during his prime of 20 to 40 that allows him to play at his best. It is typically named as a career star, in that of the horse zodiac for him, and as he works, he will be able to generate high income from him, as well as benefactor luck, the combination aided him in becoming a champion. Although there is a lot of talent but it was also his personal choice to work hard on and off the court, which greatly attributed to his success. 

However, after 30, there are beginning to have stars that start to affect his health and state of mind. There were some negative stars in his luck cycle that have started to seep in. I mean very few people are perfect their entire live and truly, tribulations started to come his way. Regardless he has been somewhat resilient in handling them, having a great attitude helped him to overcome them to some extent. 

After 40, his state of mind is inflicted with the confusion star. As he is also plagued with injuries, he makes the decision to move on to another phase of his career by retiring from professional tennis. All of these can be shown in the movement of the elements as well as the auxiliary stars.

After Retirement, What’s Next?  

After he is retired, his perfectionist personality might find it hard to lead a quiet life, and he is bound to take on more new projects to future his career in another way.

There are stars in his chart that make it difficult for him to really rest on his laurels, because he is always striving to be a better version of himself.

The clash makes it difficult for him to feel satisfied because it’s intelligence with creativity clash. The way around this is to find new goals in his life for him to work towards. 

Final Thoughts: What does this help me?

Bazi Chart reading can not only be used to find our strengths and weaknesses but also has a dynamic element that moves with time.

As we study the 10-year luck cycle of your chart, we can also tell at which stage how you should structure your career and business to better suit your new luck cycle.

As we continue to grow in our professional lives, Bazi reading is a form of investment that will go a long way in our lives.

As we always mention, Bazi reading takes a solid macro view of a person’s life; with it, Fengshui of the home and office provides suitable solutions for luck improvement. 

We invite you to book a detailed Bazi Reading session with us to understand more about your chart. We can also be reached through WhatsApp for any concerns.

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