The Ups and Downs of a Genius 

Everybody wants a child who can be a Genius, but few of us have the luxury of being able to call our child a genius. Even the lesser of us have a filial genius child, keep to the good side of the law, and have a great and charming personality.

2022 has been an extremely turbulent year for many people, and many people have lost a lot of money in Crypto. They have also come to Hoseiki for Bazi Reading to understand what exactly is going on with their chart. After helping a couple of them, we realized them many of these cases are linked to the recent crash caused by the Terra blockchain, and therefore it prompted us to write a short article about its founder Do Kwon.

Do Kwon is a charismatic founder of Terra blockchain, which is well-known in the Crypto space. This crypto project experienced massive turbulence a few months ago, resulting in more than $40 billion in direct losses and billions of financial damage across the digital sector. Many people worldwide have lost billions of dollars, and the public has lost their trust in this creative genius who once dominated the Crypto space with so much influence.

When a founder is very vocal, very hands-on, engaged with the public, and users identify him with the project, then this person’s destiny will significantly influence the project they are associated with. In this blog, we will be studying him.

Talented and Resourceful Yin Earth Daymaster

Do Kwon is a Yin Earth Master Element, with Wood and Metal Elements being the most dominant in his chart? Metal represents an Output ability, also known as Hurting Officer stars and Eating God, while Wood represents Influence, also known as 7 Killings and Direct Officer. These two components create an excellent Leadership skill set, indicating that he has superb commanding abilities, with the ability to influence others and freely speak his mind, giving him the ability to attract outstanding talents to his team and retain them.

Strong creativity, although able to help him excel in his career, will also mean that he is rebellious and has no problem speaking his mind. Still, that character trait can also put him in trouble if left unchecked, especially when his luck cycle meets the direct officer star during the year 2024.

There is an exciting talent combination between his Yang Fire and Yin Metal; they attract each other. Such a smooth movement of the Fire Element, which represents his intelligence and creativity in the Metal Element, represents strong intellectual, learning, and creative abilities, which can result in the success of projects undertaken by him.

What is Happening in 2022? Can We See That in the Bazi?

Despite all the talent in his natal chart, he has other trouble brewing due to the pride he harbors in his heart.

As we can see, his chart is superb, making him qualified for his leadership role, so the question is, what went wrong in 2022? The key is in his monthly pillar, Yang Fire / Monkey. This pillar is crucial for his creativity and career (and indirectly, money).

In 2022, we entered into the Water Tiger Year. This pillar goes entirely against his monthly pillar. The Yang Ren Water Clashes directly with his Bing Yang Fire, causing a drain of his judgment. Furthermore, at the bottom of his chart, the Monkey noted by Shen in his chart direct clashes with the year of the Tiger element. This is called the Tiger and Monkey Clash, which causes emotional imbalance to him during this year. This type of clash on the month pillar can be extremely severe. It broke many things in his chart, and most importantly, it temporarily disabled the excellent combination between Yang Fire and Yin Metal. Due to the nature and positioning of these two Elements, his image has suffered massive damage, as we have witnessed in the last couple of months.

To make it worse, a snake is also present in his current luck cycle, completing the clash with a 369 Clash of the Snake Si, Tiger Yin, and the Monkey Shen. With this clash, he is bound to encounter something that will truly upset him this year that might have a lasting impact on his character for the rest of his life.


The Monkey vs. Tiger clash is essentially Yang Metal vs. Yang Wood clash. Yang Wood represents authority to Yin Earth Day Master, so this clash also represents a clash with authorities.

There will be multiple attacks on him, not just this year but also in 2024. His best way is to stay humble and not attract any more legal trouble with his vocal personality. He might be able to take a short breather in 2023, but legal issues might resurface in 2024, depending on how he reacts to the legal trouble he faces in 2022. So better put all his pride aside and take the humble pie for now.

Why is He Like That?

He has worked very hard in the early years of his life with good study stars, and he felt he deserved success. Being vocal in his personality as well, it made people aware of his proud personality. It can be sometimes difficult for a person with this personality to admit their mistakes, or to make rectifications to the people he has hurt. 

Luck Cycle in His Bazi Chart

So overall, his chart is of a high grade, well utilized, and once he is out of this unfavorable Tiger year, he could be back on track with his creative or IT work if he doesn’t cause any more trouble by speaking his mind too freely.

Unfortunately, for the time being, the project or company cannot be separated from a founder or a CEO, especially when that person has a crucial influence on the community and developers. His untimely problems in his destiny could have been reduced, simply by going low profile and letting others take the spotlight until his chart situation improves.

We understand that this incident has hurt many people around the world and we hope that we can all recover from the pain that Terra has caused. At the same time, we also hope that we can see how Bazi Reading can be used to analyze a person’s personality. In the same way that we have used to read for Do Kwon, it can be used in a more positive light to help us to plan in choosing our right career path, preparing for our investments and our business, and choosing the right partners to work with.

Hopefully, we can all grow from these experiences and become better people. 

Final Thoughts

For anyone who has ever been through a similar luck cycle and luck chart, it is important to know that luck cycles are not permanent. You might be wondering about your own chart and how you can use your luck to bring you success. You can book a Bazi Reading with us to get a deeper understanding of your life and luck cycle. You can also contact me on WhatsApp directly for any questions or concerns.

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