The last days of the Metal Rat year 2020 are finally drawing near, and its chapter is finally coming to an end after much turbulence. It wasn’t an easy year for anybody, in fact, for most of us, it might be one of the toughest years we’ve faced yet. With the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in lockdowns, worsening an already wild political situation over in the States and leading to an economic downturn too. You’d have to be living under a rock to not be aware of these goings on throughout the year, either that or you’re just actively avoiding any possible news outlets.

As terrible and difficult as the year was, it is only the first act of what could be, an unfolding drama. With the year 2021; The year of the Metal Ox, being the second act beginning on the 4th February.


Before we start getting into the nitty gritty of what the year will be like, let’s take a brief overview of what the year of the Metal Ox means for us. The year of the Metal Ox consists of a Yin metal stem and an Ox Branch, which consists of Hidden Yin Water, Frozen Yin Earth and Weak Yin Water. The Metal stem will lure out the Hidden Yin Metal making Metal, the dominant and influential element for the year.

Yin Metal represents sharp objects, such as needles and, well you can see where this is already going; Vaccines. What with Pfizer and Moderna rolling out vaccines for the pandemic, this eventuality could’ve been seen coming from miles away.


Yin Metal also represents the energy of Law Enforcement; Which, is something that should come as no surprise, with FnB/nightlife tenants having to adhere by the Circuit Breaker measures, there will certainly be a more significant presence of law enforcement agents around us. Not just in Singapore, over in the US with such intense political tension going on there, you can certainly expect to see a much more significant police/military presence around us throughout the year.

While the year may be over and everyone of us are more than excited to shake this rather terrible year off our shoulders and move on. There are still many problems and issues from 2020 that are left unsolved. The vaccine may be out, but the pandemic is still here, the economic situation is incredibly challenging and the political issues in the US are still very, very touchy.


Despite President Elect Joe Biden winning the election, we can see that clearly there is still a great divide and friction between the left- and right-wing political bases. With the democrats doing all they can to cancel, censor and punish adamant Trump supporters, such actions while justified will still lead to more friction within the country. And the Conservatives, who are usually not aggressive will likely be pushed to react with brutal force sooner or later. It will be best for both parties to keep the pressure off each other and not be irrational, lest the conflict will be further escalated.

Politically, for the people in the states now its very much like being trapped between a rock and a hard place.


The Yin Metal stem is an essential factor of our analysis; The Yin Wood Master Element clashes with the Yin Metal, resulting in potential legal disputes and authoritative issues.


The Yang Fire Master element will welcome Yin Metal as they will be able to merge (and if under the right conditions) to form more Water elements. To a Yang Fire individual, Yin Metal represents wealth and water represents power and influence. If you require more water elements, then this combination is great for you.


From a Zodiac standpoint, the Ox will clash with the Goat and harm the Horse, and if you have either of the 2, it is strongly advised that you be very careful for the year.


The clash between the Ox and Goat is essentially a clash of Yin Metal and Hidden Yin Wood. Depending on either one’s strength, there will undoubtedly be a losing side as is with all conflicts. The result of the clash is dependent on your Master Element and the overall strength of your chart.


The harm between the Horse and the Ox is a rather complex situation where Yin Fire attacks Yin Metal while Yin Water counteracts Yin Fire. As a result, this complex clash will potentially result in rather messy situations for you depending on your chart.


The combination of Ox with either the Snake or Rooster will create a Metal structure, and if you have either of the branches and are in need of Metal. Then 2021 will be quite a good year for you.


The year of the Metal Ox, represents a continuation of Cold Qi; hence we consider this to be a continuation of a cold and miserable Metal Rat year.

When we enter into the year 2022; The year of the Water Tiger, that is when things will start looking up for us as it will be a year of fast recovery and positive outlooks. But till then, we will have to preserve our energy and be ready to face whatever the year has to throw at us whether good or bad.