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I don’t doubt that many of us here and around have already heard of; Squid Game. A Korean thriller that pits players who have all financially struggled in life in a survival game for a lump sum of cash. Showcasing the human condition when the stakes are at their highest. While you may have seen plenty of articles, posts, discussions and even spoilers about it, we’ve actually narrowed down a couple of potential Fengshui lessons from the show too. Today, we’re here to discuss 6 critical Fengshui lessons from Squid Game, and how they can apply to your daily life.


1. Investment is Important



While the character: Sang Woo may shine a bad light on investment, we should never avoid investing. Bazi analyses your risk profile in order to manage your risk appetite. It is always best to invest in what you can handle, to better secure your future.

We will generally encourage you to invest, but only within your risk appetite and your luck/wealth cycle too. Having a personal risk profiling and analysis, as well as understanding your luck/wealth cycle is the best way to prepare yourself for the upcoming economic changes. All of these are covered in our Detailed Personal Bazi analysis, and more too. Give yourself the best preparation for change, and understand your personality, strengths and weaknesses too. 

If you wish to discover more on how Fengshui and investments are intertwined, you can read on more in our blog post here.


2. Gambling doesn’t pay



As seen in the series. the main lead Seong Gi Hun was a gambling addict and only joined the game to repay his gambling debts. So yes, you've heard it correctly this time. We strongly discourage our clients from gambling, and if you're thinking of asking Master Chase for the winning numbers of the next lottery, please don't do it.

While we may encourage you to do investments, gambling is the one thing we cannot stand behind. While there may be many connections between Fengshui and gambling, especially in Casinos. We do not advocate gambling as it generally isn’t a good habit, and is something that has destroyed the lives of many families as well. If you’re doing recreational gambling with your friends once in a while, that’s fine, just don’t end up becoming an addict or getting into debt because of it.

Always remember, wanting something for nothing is the worst in fengshui. Avoid this at all cost as it will destroy your luck.


 3. Understanding about yours, and your loved ones’ critical years



Using Bazi, we can understand and identify potential underlying health issues, critical years allowing us to be able to prepare for these ahead of time.

In the show, Gi Hun’s mother has a health issue but she is not covered by insurance.

Bazi shows signs of when a person’s critical years might be and we can plan in advance with insurance, succession planning, etc.

Another key factor that we would need to take note off will be the Accident star in our Bazi charts. It is often predictable through Bazi readings when someone would have a tumultuous period in terms of their health and physical injuries. Be it health issues that may require surgery or even accidents that causes bloodshed. The Accident Star (also known as the Six Clashes) is one of the most direct indicators that one could potentially have such a period ahead of them.

Understanding one’s or their loved ones’ Bazi is the first step in avoiding or at the very least, preparing for damage control for one’s accident star. Knowing when it will befall a person will allow one to know when to minimize risky activities or sports such as skydiving, martial arts training or gymnastics etc. To lessen the chances of a serious accident happening during this tumultuous period. There are many ways one can potentially prevent these potential mishaps under their accident star. By maintaining a good temper, avoiding conflicts, surrounding themselves with friends who are genuinely good for them, keeping themselves well educated and of course, participating (if necessary) in safe sports.

If you wish to find out more about what the Accident star means, and how you can it can affect you, you can find out in our blog post here too.


4. Don’t trust everything you see



Don't allow yourself to be manipulated by those around you. As much as we'd like to completely trust our loved ones, friends and colleagues. Sometimes it is best to be a bit more wary of potential manipulation.

Represented by the Negative friendship star, denoted with Friendship star and Robber star, understanding your Bazi chart will allow you to determine your risk level in this aspect.

Preparing yourself in advance by understanding this will make you less susceptible to being manipulated or taken advantage of by those around you. Be careful of the friends that you make, and avoid complicated business relations and partners as well.


5. Fengshui, like life is all about decision making



In life, we are handed a series of choices, and by understanding your Bazi chart, it will allow you to focus on making the right decisions for yourself. Whether its sticking with the wrong friends, marrying the wrong person or slipping up on a potential opportunity, we're here to help you avoid these pitfalls.

Understanding your Bazi chart is always the first step in improving the quality of your life. Knowledge is one thing, but whether or not you want to take the next steps and apply what you’ve learnt and understood to improve your life is another.

If you’d like to take your first step to improve your life with us, we’re happy to take that step with you too. Sign up for our Comprehensive Bazi assessment here, to understand your Bazi chart and learn how you can potentially improve the quality of your life today.


6. There are always things in life more important than money



Never lose your humanity, as controversial as his decision was, Player 001 was only doing what was morally right to save everyone. He never lost sight of his humanity and knew that money, should never come at the expense of life.

Its very much the same thing in life, in our pursuit of money, our careers and goals, sometimes we lose sight of ourselves and the loved ones around us too. Never forget that what makes us human isn’t just work and aspirations, it’s the love we feel from our family and friends, and the happiness that we experience with them too.

As important as money is, and as seemingly as it does make the world go round, don’t forget the other things around you that are as important, if not more that are really what makes life go on for you.


And… That’s A Wrap!



There you have it, our 6 important Fengshui lessons that we’ve learnt and narrowed down from this rather brilliant drama/thriller. Without wanting to spoil too much, we shan’t go on talking about it much further lest I accidentally let slip any spoilers. But, if you’ve reached this far and can relate to what we’ve shared and would like to take your first step in bettering the quality of your life with us, do feel free to reach out to us via WhatsApp @ 8415 3359 for a free basic Bazi consultation and a recommendation of your favourable Hoseiki bracelet.